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The HVUT Form 2290 is now past due by a week for Renewal!

Dear HVUT e-filers, over this article we are going to discuss about the high time right now to E-File your HVUT Form 2290 for the period beginning July 1st,2018 through June 30th,2019. Since Form 2290 is generally due by June and its payable until the end of August. Continue reading

Truckdues.com wishes you all a very happy and blessed independence day!

Hello there fellow truckers, we wish this article reaches you in high spirits. Over this article we would like to express our heartfelt wishes on this July 4th. The Fourth of July is not the ordinary date in the United States calendar. This day marks the beginning of the US modern history, the history of independence and the formation of the new independent state.  Continue reading

It’s now time to E-File your HVUT Form 2290 for 2018-2019!

Hello there truckers, hope you all having a Good Time. Its July now, so does the Form 2290 renewal period has begun. Yes, the Form 2290 you filed for the Period beginning July 1st, 2017 through June 30th, 2018 has now expired. Hence, you need to E-Renew your Form 2290 for the Period beginning July 1st, 2018 through June 30th, 2019. Continue reading

Troubles encountered by First Time HVUT Form 2290 E-Filers!

On a daily basis we receive calls from our users seeking assistance over their HVUT Form 2290 e-filing process. Since they are first time users they are not aware of the constraints that are generally involved while e-filing a Form 2290. Hence, if you are a First Time Filer kindly read this article before you begin your E-filing process. Continue reading

Truckdues.com wishes everyone a Happy Mother’s day 2018!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you may be wondering how you can best express your love for mom. There is simply no way we can ever really thank mother for all she has done for us. She is the one who will be awake all night when we are sick. Praying to God to make us well and be ever ready to bear the pain that we may be experiencing.

She is the one to wake up early in the morning to make the nicest meal and endure all our tantrums. Mothers are the ones who would forever complain that we are not eating enough or not eating right. They would cook all sorts of things so that we be strong and healthy. Mothers infact, worry more for our examinations than we must. They would take pains to complete our school projects leaving all other works behind while we play around with friends or just while away time watching movies. Below are few things to do on this Mother’s day 2018: Continue reading

Different payment options available to pay your HVUT Form 2290!

There are many people who successfully steal money on-line everyday with very little effort. When you e-file the form you should make sure you are using a secure connection and have an anti-virus system on as well. Be sure there are no other websites open when you file this document. Malware can get into your computer quickly through many different websites. It is safer to just focus on the task at hand rather than multi-task. Making sure all information is correct on the form is paramount because if you are wrong or do not pay the proper amount you can face stiff penalties. Continue reading

Tips to Avoid Transaction Failure Message while Processing CC Payments

Hello there Truckers, we hope this article reaches you with high spirits. Over this article we are going to discuss about one of the common difficulties that might occur generally when you’re trying to make an on line payment off your Credit/Debit Cards, It’s known as “Transaction Failure” meaning that there was a problem in processing your tax return. Continue reading

Your Pro-Rated Form 2290 deadline awaits in a Fortnight!

Hello there truckers, this article is to remind you all that your Pro-rated HVUT Form 2290 is due by April 30, 2018 for the period beginning March 2018 through June 2018. As you are pretty aware of the fact Form 2290 is generally due by June and its payable until the end of August. Else, federal law states that Form 2290 must be filed on a vehicle by the last day of the month following the month of its first use. Continue reading

Types of Refund Claims available with Form 8849 Schedule 6

Hey there truckers, we hope this article reaches you in high spirits. We’re sure that you know almost everything about a HVUT Form 2290. Although, we also feel that you must know about the Form 8849 Schedule 6 (Claim for Refund of Excise Taxes) to claim refunds on a vehicle that was earlier reported on a Form 2290. Continue reading

There is no option in Form 2290 to extend the Deadline like Form 1040 does!

Hey there truckers, we hope this article reaches you in high spirits. We all know that you stay ever busy on the road serving the nation’s needs on time. However, it is always been our duty to save many hardworking truckers across the nation to face any litigation with the Internal Revenue Service at least with their Heavy Vehicle Used Tax Form 2290. Continue reading