Things to remember while filing your Form 2290 Renewal for Tax Year 2020-2021

Hello there dear truckers! hope you’re safe and so is your family, first half of the year is about to be completed and yet the pandemic prevails, god help us to get through with this. As we step into the second half of the year its time to renew your form 2290 taxes, yes as you know the form 2290 is due by July 1 2020 and payable until August 31, 2020. It’s the hectic time of the year as we tend to miss out on small details that may lead to a larger issue. Today we are going to prepare a checklist for you so that you may brace yourself for the upcoming tax year.

Things that you need to file your form 2290”

  • EIN
  • Name of the business
  • Exact address for the business
  • VIN number of the truck
  • Total gross weight of the truck

These are the 5 major things needed to file a tax return for your trucks , but let’s see the details in depth,

EIN (Employer Identification Number): it should be at least 15 business days old since obtained and it’s not your SSN # as many customers confuse between these two, EIN is also called as the Tax Identification number. The Form 2290’s can either be field under the truck owners name or the company which it is leased to

Name of the Business: The name of the business should be as same as the records while obtaining the EIN, for e.g. One might have the EIN under his name “Benson Taylor” but doing business as Benson Trucking LLC. The schedule-1 copy should be filed under “Benson Taylor” But not under the DBA name.

Address: when a Return is filed with a specific business address make sure it matches with the EIN records else the form would be rejected by the IRS

VIN number of the truck:  The VIN number is the unique identification number given for every vehicle on road by the manufacturer, No VIN numbers are as same as the other. It usually contains 17 alphanumeric characters. Whenever you enter the VIN number keep in mind that a VIN number will never have the characters I, O, Q since these numbers can be misplaced with the numbers 1,0,9.

Total Gross weight: This is one of the major sections where the filers commonly commit mistakes on. The taxes will be calculated based on the total gross weight of your vehicle, so when we say the total gross weight it’s the Sum of the weight of the Tractor, Trailer, and the maximum capacity that it can haul.

These are the essential things that you need to give importance while filing your tax returns, even a small change in the details would result in a rejection and may lead you to file an amendment which would cost you more. So, keep an eye out for even the smallest of details to save your hard-earned money. If any further questions and concerns do feel free to reach us at 347-515-2290 or simply drop your queries to and our tax expert team would be glad to assist you. You may also pre-file your tax returns now to stay ahead during the tax season. To make things easier truckdues is also available on the android platform, install your app for free now, and file your tax returns on the go. Hope the second half of the year turns as good as we expect.