You HVUT Form 2290 Is Due by Oct 31st, 2017!

Set the alarm, your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290 is due by the end of this month. Form 2290 is generally due by the last day of the month following the month of its first use. On that basis, Oct 31st would be the deadline to file Form 2290 especially for vehicles that are been used on the road since September 2017.

Humans do commit errors which are naturally unavoidable at times. But when such human errors do occur whilst reporting your HVUT returns, it can cost you trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. So, at such unforeseen circumstances we need to file an Amendment, i.e., (The process of formally altering or adding to a record) which is available only when you E-File your federal HVUT returns. Following are the list of Form 2290 amendments available on

Types of Amendments on Form 2290:

  • VIN Correction:

Be cautious not to commit any typographical errors while entering the Vehicle Identification Number. The Vehicle Identification number is a 17 digit alpha-numeric characters assigned to a vehicle by its manufacturer. Based on the recent feedback from many HVUT payers, they seem to find it hard to figure out the difference in the appearance of these following alphabets I, O & Q with numeric 1, 0 & 9 respectively. For your kind information, the IRS online servers do not accept any VIN that contains either one of the 3 characters (I, O & Q).

Hence, be sure on going with the numbers henceforth when you come across such dilemma. However, when you have incorrectly reported an Incorrect VIN number on your Form, don’t worry. Feel Free to File a VIN correction Form via to report a change on the VIN for absolutely free!


  • Taxable Gross Weight Increase:

When you report an incorrect weight category of your vehicle on a Form 2290 you still have an option to report a change on the category by Filing a 2290 Amendment. However, via an amendment you’d only be able to report an increase in the gross weight of the vehicle besides decrease to the Gross weight in lbs is not possible.  The HVUT tax due amount is directly proportional to the gross weight of the vehicle. Hence, as long as you increase the gross weight of the vehicle, the more tax due you pay.


  • When a Suspended/Exempt Vehicle Exceeds its desired annual Mileage:

Remember, you are required to include your suspended vehicles on your 2290 Form. A suspended vehicle is a vehicle that is expected to be used for less than 5,000 miles (7,500 for agricultural vehicles) on public highways during the tax period. However, if the vehicle exceeds the desired mileage limit until which it was declared to be exempt by the Internal Revenue Service, An amendment is required to be filed on the vehicle to legally report the change of category (From an Exempt vehicle to a Taxable vehicle) and the taxes must be paid in full for the respective tax period.

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