Its past deadline already. E-File your Form 2290 soon!

Form 2290 taxes are generally due by June and its payable until the end of August. Hence, to renew Form 2290 for the Period beginning July 2017 through June 2018 was on or before Aug 31, 2017. It was not obvious for many truckers to miss their tax deadline despite their busy work schedule; however the IRS would tolerate your prolongation for a only certain period of time so it’s better to renew the HVUT Form 2290 before Uncle Sam loses his patience and later he would not make any exceptions or such regardless of the Intensity of your reason for delay.

Like we said, as many have missed their deadline let’s compare this situation with a glass bowl full of candies, where it’ll be hard to count the specific number of candies of your favorite. However, as the time passes by you’d end up eating most the candies despite of the flavor and guess what’s left behind few candies,..wouldn’t it be easier by then to pick your favorite flavor right on spot? That is how it is.

You are only safe until many a people adjoin you on this fact of being late on your HVUT filings. So the IRS would wait until it’ll be easier for them to chase the mere few to penalize them demanding no more explanations.

Never linger around with your HVUT deadline, as it can cost you top dollars penalties and unwanted embarrassments from Uncle Sam.  Stay safe, always be early on your HVUT tax deadline and be wise by avoiding circumstances as mentioned above. E-Renew your Form 2290 today and receive the IRS watermarked copy of Schedule 1 in your registered e-mail address in minutes.

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