Manual (Paper) Filing Or Electronic (Efile) filing : Choose The Best

When the season dropped into our calendars, there was a loud hype about filing truck tax form 2290. And with that, most of the truckers and owner operators have filed form 2290 in the very first month (July or August) of the tax period. However, if you are not among them and for some varied reason you have not filed your return yet, remember you have only 9 days in hand to get your heavy vehicle use tax return filed and pay your truck dues. Also, you would be receiving your IRS Stamped Schedule 1 copy in hand immediately once IRS accepts your 2290 return. The Truck Tax Form 2290 is due this September 2nd, for 2014 tax period.

Today, we are going to talk about pros and cons about paper filing otherwise the manual filing process and efiling or electronic filing (efile), framing in a manner that will allow you to decide the best option for filing form 2290 for the year 2014-15.

Paper Filing:

IRS had introduced HVUT in late 90’s as fundraiser for the maintenance of public highways. Federal HTF (Highway Trust Fund) protects the nation’s investment for the best transportation infrastructure. As the technology was still at their start up level, paper was the only technique for filing form 2290.

Every trucker, owner and operator had to rush to IRS Local office and wait in queues to submit their forms along with a payment check. Once submitted, IRS will process your 2290 and issues stamped schedule 1 almost take a day of your busy business. Alternatively you can download the 2290 form from IRS website and fill to mail it to the IRS, have to wait for almost 10-45 days to receive the schedule-1 copies by mail. However, if the return was rejected and the date of filing is already crossed the calendar, the taxpayer had to file it again with penalties. To slash off the penalties, tax payers filed their return in the starting of the taxation period, i.e. July of every year leaving their work aside, taking off from their routine, which was indeed a messy task for them.


As time passed by, technology made its new invasion in the world of internet. Slowly yet steady, IRS decided to apply the technology with taxes and try a hand in saving the economy. And that invited Efiling of form 2290. However, IRS made it mandatory for owner operators to efile HVUT if they own more than 25 heavy vehicles and encourages every operator to choose e-file for faster processing of the tax return.

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Happy Trucking! – Team