Importance Of E-Filing With A Service Provider Like

With the growing technology, we are being bind with every comfort provided by our new generation. The trend of shopping online has created hype and today, it’s paying taxes and bills online. Yes, you can pay your truck dues and report the Truck Tax Form 2290 with utmost ease and reliability only at We are serving customers since decades and today, we are proud to be a successful efiling service provider for our truckers, authorized by the IRS.

According to us, efiling is a boon to our truckers. Being busy and tired by the end of the day, we are sure you would not find time to run to IRS office, standing in line and pay your tax. In such situations, electronic 2290 filing comes in for your rescue and save you from penalties. As you have time limits in paper filing but not with electronic version, you can file anytime from anywhere and receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes. 

Each time we call upon people to e file form 2290, there are some weird queries coming up our way. One of them is very common. What are the advantages of e filing. Well, there is a list of advantages, which can eventually benefit you with acknowledgement receipt. So let’s take a look at the efiling advantages you can avail if you opt for efiling form 2290.

Nothing Can Beat The Speed:

When you opt for filing form 2290 online, one thing can enjoy online is the speedy filing. Additionally, you also receive the schedule 1 copy faster. If you opt for paper filing, you would receive your schedule 1 copy in 5-45 days. However, efiling HVUT is made available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you receive


Yes, you read it right. The error level is reduced to 1% compared to paper filing. This is the time to take up a call and decide for the best method. Efiling with minimizes the chances of errors and therefore, your filed return online is totally error free and accurate.


Filing with us is the most secure method as it encrypts your data and store them safely. Everyone would look forward to keep their sensitive tax information secure, who would not? Understanding the scenarios, security is our priority.

Confirmation of the Filed Return:

You can always log into your account and check through the status of the return or the tax refund any time of the day. However, you will receive your acknowledged receipt once IRS approves the return directly to your email. You can also subscribe for TEXT alerts on the return status.

Eco Friendly:

Of course, you are saving trees and saving the environment. In addition, you don’t have any more commitments with post office. You can save your time and trees. Go green; go friendly. When you file online, you are contributing little of you to the global warming.

Eliminate Late Fees From The List:

When you opt for efiling, there are very less chances for you to pay penalties. You can file form 2290 any time from your computer and laptop with a internet connection. Convenience is at your bay, what else are you looking for?

Easy Access with the Opportunity to Save:

Efiling does not have any time limit as mentioned above. You can file form 2290 online 24/7 as per your convenience. Additionally, you can save time and money rather than mailing paper returns.


When you opt for e filing, you get complete instructions for better filing. Also, you can reach for the tax Expertise at our end. TruckDues believes in serving the best to the customers.

Save Dollars and Spend Less!

You can electronically report this 2290 truck tax forms from $7.99 on wards and you do need to spend more. What next start your return now and see how easy it is!

For better information, reach us (347) 515 – 2290 or simply drop in a mail to We are here for you, for better back-end support.