Reminder to Truckers, today (Sept. 2) is last date for Form 2290.

The tax season dropped in and is now on the move. We had send reminders to our customers to file and pay their truck tax dues online. And for some reason, if you are yet to file, you are not late, however, you may meet penalties if you don’t file form 2290 by September 2nd 2014. The tax season drops into your calendar by July 1st and IRS provides taxpayers with two months of time, i.e. from July- August. And fortunately, the due date for this tax season 2014-15 is falling on a weekend and that precisely means, 2nd of September (the next business day) is the last date for filing your IRS form 2290 online.

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You may be running less miles on a highway and your vehicle would be suspended, still you need to report the highway vehicle use tax by Sept. 2, 2014.

Suspended Vehicles:

After taxable vehicles, suspended vehicles are another important type of vehicle filed with form 2290.

If your vehicledoes not cross more than 5,000 miles per year, and 7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles are suspended from filing taxes, however, you need to report IRS about your suspension through form 2290 before the due date. Also, do note, if there is an increase in the mileage limit within the year, you are liable to file form 2290 by the second month in the increase of mileage.

The Vehicles That Come Under This Category:

  • Commercial vehicles traveling less than 5,000 and agricultural vehicle is less than 7,500
  • Vehicles that are not considered as highway vehicles that includes mobile machinery for non-transportation function, non-transportation trailers and semi-trailers.
  • Vehicles that are qualified as official blood collectors by blood banks and organizations come under this category

Important: In case, if the annual mile exceeds 5,000 for commercial vehicles and 7,500 for agricultural vehicles, the extra miles are calculated as payable miles.

The 2290 due date is round the corner, efiling would be the best option to file and pay your truck tax dues to IRS and stands as the best and ultimate option for easy and cost effective filing form 2290. Reach us (347) 515 – 2290 or simply drop in a mail to We are here for you, for better back-end support.

Happy Trucking! – Team