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Pre-filing form 2290 is actively happening at, and many truckers have already completed their form 2290 online pre-filing with us. Form 2290 pre-filing helps the truckers to finish their tax reports beforehand and efile them at so they can be free when the tax period starts in July.

The next tax season is coming soon!

Form 2290 pre-filing gives you a head-start to e-file your form 2290 tax reports ahead of the tax season. IRS only accepts form 2290 for the tax year at the beginning of the tax season in July. Therefore, this year’s tax season starts around the first week of July 2022 and ends on 30 June 2023. All the truckers and truck taxpayers have time till 31 August 2022 to report their truck taxes using form 2290 and get the schedule 1 copy for their heavy vehicles or trucks. IRS will get crowded at the beginning of July as it is the start of the tax season and many truckers file their form 2290 tax reports. This might delay your form 2290 filing process, and your schedule 1 copy might fall behind the deadline.

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We understand that time is of the essence in every business and its significance in the trucking business because everything should move on time to benefit our country’s economy. Therefore, we have implemented the form 2290 pre-filing service at to give an early bird chance to the truckers to stay ahead of the tax season in their form 2290 tax preparations. Once you pre-file form 2290 tax reports with us, we will securely hold them on your behalf and transmit them to the IRS once they open for the tax season. This way, your form 2290 tax reports will be among the first to reach the IRS for processing. IRS will process your tax reports and send your official schedule 1 copy directly to your email. You will get the schedule 1 copy at the beginning of the tax season, and you can continue your trucking business smoothly.

Pre-file form 2290 today!

The form 2290 pre-filing chance will be closing soon as the tax season is just a few days. There are only a few days left for you to pre-file form 2290 online at You must utilize this form 2290 HVUT pre-filing opportunity at and file your form 2290 truck tax, days ahead.