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All heavy vehicles and trucks must report form 2290 truck taxes.

As per IRS regulations, all trucks and heavy vehicles must report form 2290 truck taxes for the tax period every year in advance. Truckers must estimate the tax returns based on their truck’s taxable category and file them in advance during the beginning of every tax season. Generally, tax season starts in July every year and ends next June. Therefore, truckers must estimate the truck taxes for the entire tax season and report the taxes using the Highway Heavy Vehicle Use Tax form 2290 before the end of August. Every truck or heavy vehicle that belongs to the taxable category must report form 2290, pay the tax amount in advance within the deadline and get the valid schedule 1 receipt as proof of tax payment. A heavy vehicle or truck must have a total gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more and be estimated to travel more than 5,000 miles (7500 miles for agricultural or logging vehicles) on the public highways of the United States. For the heavy vehicles that don’t fall into the taxable category, trucks must report form 2290 as tax-suspended vehicles, and they need not pay any tax amount. is the best platform to e-file form 2290 online.

IRS made form 2290 e-filing mandatory for all truckers reporting form 2290 truck taxes for 25 or more heavy vehicles or trucks. Also, they encourage truckers with a single truck to e-file form 2290 through an IRS-approved service provider, as the e-filing process is smooth, accurate, and easy to process for the IRS. is an IRS-approved modernized form 2290 online e-filing service provider. All truckers, truck taxpayers, and tax preparers can e-file form 2290 truck tax returns online directly to the IRS and get the instant IRS digitally watermarked schedule 1 receipt through email. Form 2290 e-filing service charges at starts at just $7.99 for a single-vehicle return. We also have seasonal, and package prices for bulk vehicle returns. We provide FREE VIN corrections for returns filed in our platform, or it costs just $ 9.99. Also, we provide form 2290 amendments e-filing and form 8849 schedule 6 refunds/credit claims online filings.

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