Top Reasons To Make The Switch- Part-II

Last week, we posted Top Reasons to make the Switch Part-I. Today, we are going to throw light on the rest of the feature list, which would convince you to choose efiling as the method of filing.

No Snail Mail:

Of course, we have nothing against the postal workers; it’s just that the technology has diversified in its own ways, and much vastly to control the internet. When you efile, you will know in minutes, if your return was accepted by the IRS. And when we talk about the security levels, they are comparatively high with efiling than paper as you don’t have to send in your personal information out into the void and not get response for weeks, which may lead to my next point, if your return is accepted right away.

Receive Your Stamped Schedule 1 Almost Immediately:

When you efile, you receive your schedule 1 copy within 10 minutes of transmitting your return to IRS. Even better, once IRS marks you a copy to your email ID, you will receive a text alert and fax copy if you have chosen the latter method to receive your acknowledged receipt.


Did you ever think how to go about saving the environment? No driving, no postal mail, no paper! What could be more eco-friendly than that? The carbon footprint is nearly non-existent. Mother Earth will thank you.

Free Support–All Day, Every Day:

This point would hold as the best reason to efile with us. You get business hours assistance from our Tax Experts. When you have a question or crisis, you know where to reach us.

Our truck Tax Experts is well aware in and out of the industry, about the tax itself. You are approaching the safer side.

Organized & Accessible Tax Records:

With, you have access to all returns and Schedule 1’s filed with us in your account. You can view, download, or email this information whenever you need it. No worries about your tax information getting lost, destroyed, or crumpled up in a drawer.

For these reasons and many more, it’s time to Make the Switch. Put your best foot right and we are here to hold you when you lose balance while efiling. We resolve to do something better, for your business and the environment.

All set to register with us? The process is free and simple. If you find any difficulty while the registration process or while filing your return, do not hesitate to call our Tax Experts, they’ll walk through it for you. Call them at (347) 515 – 2290 or email us your queries to You can expect instant answers from our end.