Services Included In $7.99 Only At is packed with lot of services, custom features and hidden security walls that protect your information to be hacked and passed to other third party websites only in $7.99. Isn’t it worth it trying a chance with your luck? No other IRS authorized efile provider offers a price this low, outstanding customer support and assistance even after you file form 2290.

At, we have worked closely with drivers, owner operators, trucking associations and companies to create a streamlined efiling process that is affordable, attractive and efficient.

Almost every day, our tax expertise answer people who are keen to understand what are the features and functionalities included in the cost they pay as fee. Well, this blog will speak it all for you.

So what exactly is included in the price?

E-Filing Of Form 2290: provides you with the most efficient e-filing process at your fingertips. Simply create an account; select the form you need to file and fill in your truck and payment information. The tax amount owed is calculated for you almost immediately and we provide three payment options. No matter what payment option is selected, you will receive your Stamped Schedule 1 as soon as the IRS (which is shortly after transmitting) accepted your Form 2290.

Credits For Sold/Destroyed/Stolen Vehicles:

If you sold a truck, and purchased another vehicle, you can claim the credit for the sold truck and file the 2290 for your new truck in single return. The credit from your sold truck will automatically be applied to the amount of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax owed for the new truck. Hoila!

Stamped Schedule 1:

The Stamped Schedule 1 serves as your proof of payment for your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (Form 2290). As soon as the IRS accepts Form 2290, we will send you an email notification with your Stamped Schedule 1 attached. This is not the only way to access your Stamped Schedule 1. There will be a copy archived in your account that is available once you log in and enter your dashboard.

You can download the copy anytime you need free of charge. So next time, if your acknowledgement receipt is lost, you know where you can get your copy.

Email Notification:

We will send you an email notification as soon as the IRS accepts Form 2290. A copy of your stamped Schedule 1 will be attached to the email. If by any chance your Form 2290 is rejected, we send an email notification immediately for your reference and a detailed understanding on the reasons for the rejection. Don’t worry if your return is rejected. You can retransmit it through our servers to IRS free of cost. Ensure you make the amends, choosing the correct year (current tax year is 2014-2015) that is one error you will have to contact the IRS for, and that usually isn’t an enjoyable activity.

Form 2290 Archive:

Once your return is transmitted to IRS, the complete Form 2290 will be archived along with your Stamped Schedule 1. Also, any form you file through is archived and accessible from your Dashboard page. So if you ever lose a copy of your Stamped Schedule 1, or need to pull up your Form 2290 for record purposes (or an audit), you know where will you find your copy.

Complete The Left Return:

There are times when you are filing your return and for some reason, you need to answer other chores coming your way. Don’t worry, you can always return back to the application and start your filing from where you had left. The incomplete return would be saved in your dashboard. You can choose to either continue or start afresh. The choice is yours!

Customer Support:

We understand you have endless questions and nothing wrong in having so many questions either. You have the rights to know where is your money going and about the processes. We have an amazing customer support team out our headquarters, prepped and ready to assist you with anything. You can reach our Customer support anytime via phone at (347) 515 – 2290 or email us your queries to