Top Reasons To Make The Switch- Part-I

It’s the dawn of a New Year, Trucking Nation! The new beginning is the perfect time to start fresh and plan how to make 2015 the best year. Every New Year drops into our calendar, we tend to take resolutions. Obviously, we tend to break them faster than we decide to pledge upon. This year, let’s all take a pledge, or more like a resolution. We had better make the switch!

We mean, have you decided to ditch the old paper filing and started to e-file your truck tax? It does not matter you own one vehicle or 100 of it, stands as the authentic e-filing service provider, providing you affordable and user-friendly assistance round the clock.

This year, you won’t save time while you e-file, but every single year after that. In fact, the list of benefits of E-filing over paper filing is nearly endless. But to narrow down for better perception, here are the top 10 reasons to leave paper filing behind and join hands with efiling today.

Top Reasons To Make The Switch:

No More Long Queues:

In fact, there’s no waiting. Period. Just instant notification!

Why do you have to wait at local IRS office each time you have to file your tax return, whereas you can efile at your comfort from your cab, coffee shop or just about anywhere till you get a secure internet connection. And don’t forget the time and gas you spend while traveling back to the office. In fact, we have customers who since making the switch no longer have to set aside an entire day to drive hundreds of miles to the nearest IRS office! Score 1.

More Secure:

Too often, you would have come across with headlines speaking about truckers being scammed on tax, insurance or numbers of things.

However, with, you can efile with confidence. As an IRS certified efiling service provider with several other features and utilities at your fingertips, you can rest assured that your information is safe. It travels from our encrypted site straight to the IRS servers. Don’t take my word for it–Just can simply ask one of the hundreds of thousands who’ve E-filed with us.

Zero Calculations:

This would stand as our favorite reason to e-file, no math required. Like someone that avoids unnecessary math like the plague, would do all the calculation by itself, accurately.

Fewer Errors:

It’s a fact. E-filed returns have fewer errors than paper-filed ones! It’s not just because we do the calculations for you, it’s also because we check your return before you transmit the same to IRS.

If there is an error, there are chances our application would look into it. Maybe that’s why 98% of returns E-filed with us are accepted by the IRS instantly.

So what is your call? Wondering what to do next? Come to and let your resolution stay unbroken. We would love to assist you with your queries. Reach us at or simply call to (347) 515 – 2290.