Things that you can’t correct once your Form 2290 is Filed!

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Hello there Truckers, over this article we are going to discuss about the changes that could possibly made over a Filed Form 2290. Almost on a daily basis, we receive calls from our users that they realized that something needs to be updated on their E-Filed Form 2290. Now we are going to list out what is possible & what’s not!

The 3 possible changes/corrections that could be made to a Filed 2290 are as follows via an Amended Form 2290:

  1. Increase in the Taxable Gross Weight of the Truck.
  2. Reporting a change on the Mileage limit of exemption.
  3. Reporting a change on the VIN
  • Increase in the Taxable Gross Weight of the Truck

This scenario occurs when the HVUT Filer has reported the vehicle’s gross weight to be minimum for example 55000 lbs, not realizing the fact that the term taxable gross weight always refers to the maximum weight of the truck ( Weight of the Tractor + Trailer+ Load). Now in order for them to be able to report an increase in the gross weight an Amended Form 2290 is filed to make the difference in tax due payment to the IRS as well as to receive another copy of schedule 1 for the corrected weight category.

  • Reporting a change on the Mileage limit of exemption

As most of you are aware on the desired mileage limit of exemption set by the Internal Revenue Service, it remains to be 5000 miles for Commercial based units & 7500 miles for Agricultural based vehicles.  When the subjected vehicle seems to exceed the desired mileage of exemption the vehicle turns out to be no longer exempt hence the tax due payment needs to be made to the IRS via an Amended 2290.

  • Reporting a change on the VIN

This is one of the most common interpretations involved during e-filing Form 2290. Unavoidable human errors leads to typographical errors on the VIN, which could later be updated via an Amended 2290 Form (VIN correction request). This process also lets the user to avoid an over payment of taxes.

Things that can’t be changed on a Filed 2290

Once the Form 2290 is successfully filed and when the IRS issues the digital watermark, the following changes can’t be reported online where the tax payer needs to contact the IRS toll free help line @ (866) 699-4096 to get the changes implemented over the phone.

  • Business name/DBA
  • Address, city, state & ZIP
  • Owners Name. is rated to be one of the best priced websites among many independent owner operators, we have gained our trust among them due to our committed service where we ensure that are client’s inquiries are addressed on time. E-file is simple and easy, receive the IRS digital watermarked copy of schedule 1 back in your e-mail minutes after you e-file.

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