kick-off 2290 tax filing, Aug 31 is the Last Date!

The federal heavy vehicle use taxes are annual taxes must be filed between July and August of the tax year. Mark your calendar! The regular 2290 truck tax return filing deadline is August 31, falls on Wednesday, file your returns well within the due date to get your heavy vehicles registered with the state’s and motor vehicle authorities on time. Most truckers must file their 2290 heavy vehicle use taxes for the tax year 2016-17 by August 31, 2016. IRS must have received your return electronically – or it must be delivered or postmarked – by that date. If you owe tax, you must pay by August 31, even if you file your return later.

If you owe taxes on your heavy vehicle use and you file or efile late without getting a tax extension, the IRS will generally charge penalties based on the amount you owe. There are also penalties for paying your 2290 taxes late, even if you got an extension. However, the late filing penalties are more severe, so you should try to file your 2290 truck tax returns on time even if you owe taxes and can’t pay.  

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