Just a Week Left Until Your Form 2290 Deadline!

blog image May 24Most People don’t like deadlines; they think that a deadline is Negative Inspiration. Still it is better than No inspiration at all. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.  We say unless we got a deadline, we wouldn’t be able to react. Hence, it is up to us whether to take a deadline on a serious note or to omit with less care. However we advise you to stay aware of what might be the consequences of missing a 2290 Tax Deadline.


  1. You’d receive a notice for being late
  2. You’d face a failure to File Fee
  3. You’d face a failure to Pay Fee.
  4. The worst of above all is there would be an incurring interest on cases 2 & 3.

When your case meets at least one of the above mentioned consequences, we’re afraid that there is no option for you to skip the episode, Although IRS does make exceptions on few reasonable ground cause situations for mere few, rest behold to prepare yourself with proper explanations and reasons to prove your innocence and to justify your position.

Hence, why do we have to think that far? Right? Always consider your tax deadline with high priority to stay at the Green zone than staying at the Grey area with no clue. E-filing the Federal Heavy Highway Vehicle Used Tax Returns has enhanced its reach upon truckers and trucking companies in the recent times. E-filing is simply like taking down the elevator across a 20 floor building than taking the regular stair case. It’s very fast and secure, guess what the interesting part is, there are helpful correction options available by filing Amendments.

The near term Form 2290 deadline that is been discussed over this article is only applicable for Vehicles that are purchased/Repurchased and been used over the public Highways since April 2017. Form 2290 must be filed on a vehicle by the month following the month of its first use. So, for vehicles which began operation during April 2017 is required to be reported over a Form 2290 before May 31, 2017. Perhaps you don’t want to be concerned about this deadline if you didn’t purchase any vehicles during April 2017.

Hence, kindly avoid procrastination on your 2290 tax deadline as it could cost your hard earned money. Stay away from the IRS jargon, Prefer E-filing and get your tax filing needs taken care in minutes. www.truckdues.com is an IRS authorized e-filing service provider for Filing the HVUT form 2290 tax returns electronically safe and secured. The best part in e-filing is receiving an update on the status of your tax return immediately in your registered e-mail address.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach us back for any further assistance @ (347) 515-2290 [Monday through Friday, 9. A.M to 5.P.M Central Standard Time] or write us : support@truckdues.com or Live chat with our support executives for instant help over your Filing. Keep Calm & Keep on Trucking. Keep Moving America Forward!