It’s the last week to File your Pro-rated HVUT Form 2290 for vehicles first used since Aug 2019.

Truckers, we’re back with yet another article to remind you about the near term HVUT deadline that waits by the end of this month Sept. 30 for vehicles that are used on the road since Aug 2019. The HVUT Form 2290 is generally due by June and its payable until the end of August. However, this law is only applicable for general annual renewals.

Else, Form 2290 must be filed by the last day of the month following its month of its first use. On that basis Sep 30, would be the deadline to E-File Form 2290 for the vehicles which has been operated over public highway since Aug 2019.

Failure to File and pay your HVUT would cost your hard earned money. Hence, never consider procrastinating on your HVUT deadline when you got E-filing, the most safe and fastest way of e-reporting your HVUT filing as an option and being your E-File service provider.

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Hence, Act fast and e-file your Pro-rated HVUT Form 2290 before 09/30/2019 and save maximum penalties from the Internal Revenue Service. God Bless America! God Bless our Truckers!