It’s the Birthday of our First President, Let’s get to know him better!

President washingtonIt’s sooner going to be the time for us to recognize the legacy of one of our most respected leader who earned the sobriquet “The Father of Our Country,” George Washington, and all the good presidents after him who protected us and made sure everybody has rights.

President Washington, who made great decisions & accomplishments for the country & who actively assisted during the revolution made us march towards the path of success. Then Preceded by great leaders has now made us emerged to be one of the greatest super powers on the planet.

In honor of his great accomplishments in 1932, Washington’s Birthday was used to reinstate the Purple Heart, a military decoration originally created by George Washington to honor soldiers killed or wounded while serving in the armed forces.

Congress introduced the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill, nudged “Washington’s Birthday” from a fixed date, February 22, to every ” Third Monday in February, (later taken into effect by President Nixon in 1971), which was a    proposed measure to move several federal holidays to certain Mondays “also an attempt to create more 3 day weekends for the hard working nation’s workers.

Washington first appeared on $1 bills in 1869. The design of the modern $1 bill was established in 1963 and features Washington on the face in a portrait painted by artist Gilbert Stuart. In fact, the painting is one that was left unfinished at Washington’s death and was commissioned by Martha Washington.

Interesting facts on George Washington:

  • He was the only President ever to be unanimously elected.
  • Though he had over 100 slaves, he disliked the practice of slavery and often did manual labor on his land.
  • He was the highest paid President. During 1789, his presidential salary was 2 percent of the total U.S. budget.
  • He gave the shortest inaugural address ever. It just took him around ten minutes, start to finish
  • He freed all his slaves upon his death.
  • Washington was and remains the highest ranking officer as a three-star lieutenant general.
  • He was an avid dog lover; he was the first ever person to crossbred his black and tan hounds with large French hounds. The result was a new breed that came to be known as the American foxhound.

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