Benefits of E-filing your Tax Form 2290 (HVUT) via

Technology Evolution & Workforce Impact

Over the years, technology has improved and advanced beyond our Imaginations, there were times when the only means of disseminating information was by the word of mouth and years goes by and the idea of news paper became reality whereby all information and news are enclosed in the newspaper. Moving forward we got to the age of television and now Technology has brought us to a stage where we are not limited by time and space where we can do anything anywhere on the go. This is how technology has revolutionized our lives. Hence, making our lives easier and comfortable.

With our daily pleasure increasing due to technology changes, why don’t we try the same for our tax returns. When you sit down to work on your paper tax returns, Most times it get messier, you get frustrated, you’d have to turn the pages over and over again to make sure it is done right. This can be quite annoying.

Well spare yourself the stress, eye strain, hand and muscle cramp. Utilize the technology that we offer, while e-filing there are rare chances for errors.  Save your time, money and energy by going paperless. Let’s go green. Give your hands and muscles some break.  Get immediate acknowledgement on completion and submission of your tax returns.

Furthermore, you can claim refunds on a faster note & our application runs an automatic analysis in the background during your filing to make sure that your tax return has no errors. Be assured that your personal and financial information given during your filing process remains secured since it is sent to Internal Revenue Service through an encrypted medium. Thus, there is no doubt on your data privacy.

With the help of our online application, you don’t need to spend time in adding multiple vehicle information. Instead you can bulk upload all you vehicle information at a single click. We maintain your records safe; so even in case of amending your previous tax returns, you can also do it electronically which will lessen down the hours you work on to gather all the information since previous years.

 A Complete summary of your tax return is provided to you; so you may verify all the information before submitting your tax return to the IRS.  Save the envelopes and stamps for other documents since we offer both Paper filing as well as E filing option for your tax returns. Filing your tax returns through is very simple. You are not required to be a tech savvy to file your tax forms with The application is designed in a way that even a first time filer can e-file it with ease facing no hassle.

By default the IRS confirmation will be sent to your registered e-mail address. However you’ve got an additional option to opt for the unique text alert feature; that will send you an instant text message to the assigned mobile phone as soon as there is an update from the IRS on the status of your tax return.  Also, if the filer opts for the fax option the stamped receipt from the IRS will be automatically faxed to the fax machine of the filer.

Though the application is very user friendly, we will not let you be stranded at any point of inconvenience that occurs during your filing process.  You can certainly avail help from our expert customer support team any time you want through live chat support on the website. You can call us @ (347) 515-2290 (9 A.M to 5 P.M, Monday through Friday, Central Standard Time) or email to