How to get the refund claim that you owe back from the IRS on your heavy credit vehicles? is the most preferred electronic filing service provider for the Owner Operators and Small Medium size Trucking Companies to complete and pay the Federal Heavy  Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290. We usually come across many questions at your help desk about how to  claim the refunds on the credit vehicles that the IRS owe you back. Hope this article will be of useful information to understand and complete the refund claims electronically.

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IRS Form 8849 – Schedule 6 Refund Claims 

HVUT form 2290 allows you to attach the refund claims on your vehicles and previous returns while reporting the current form 2290 for the tax period. However, the IRS advises the taxpayers to use form 8849 for excise tax refunds. Usually, 2290 refund claims are made in schedule 6 returns.

Generally, claims for refund can be made for the following,

  • Overpaid tax due by mistake 
  • Taxable vehicle was sold, transferred, destroyed or stolen 
  • The vehicle used with the taxable mileage limit.

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Overpaid tax due by mistake 

You could claim credits if you overpaid your 2290 tax due by mistake in the previously reported form 2290 tax returns. You need to provide detailed information to the IRS with supporting documents while filing for 2290 refund claims. It will help the IRS process your file and approve your 2290 credits as soon as possible. Also, if you have any proof of multiple payments and IRS watermarked/stamped schedule 1 copies under the same VINs or proper bank statements indicating the multiple transactions, you can produce all of these to IRS with your credit or refund claims. These documents will also help the IRS to process your claims soon.

You need to file form 8849 schedule 6 to get the payment refunds of your overpaid taxes. 

Taxable Vehicles Sold, Transferred, Destroyed or Stolen 

If your taxable vehicle is sold, transferred, destroyed, or stolen during the particular tax period, you can claim form 2290 payment refunds from the IRS using the form 8849. Also, you can claim credits in your next form 2290 road tax returns. The refund claim should be made by the person whose name is on the vehicle registration when it was sold, transferred, destroyed or stolen.  

You must attach the following information with your schedule 6 form 8849 refund claims with the IRS,

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 
  • The current status of your vehicle was either sold, transferred, destroyed, or stolen.
  • Date of the incident like sale, accident or theft.
  • Information about the buyer (for sold vehicles) 

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The vehicle used with the Mileage Limit (Low Mileage Vehicle Claims) 

Your taxable vehicle covered less than 5,000 miles (7,500 for agricultural vehicles) on the public highways during the particular tax period. Still, you already reported and paid form 2290 highway use tax for the same tax period. Then, you can file for refund claims on the next tax period. In this case, you cannot file for refund claims until the end of the tax period, which is June 30th. The claim should be made by the person whose name is on the vehicle’s registration. 

You can e-file the low mileage refund claims with form 8849 schedule 6 refund claims through We will calculate the pro-rate refund from your previously filed e-form 2290 and e-file it with the IRS to process your claim request.

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More about Refund Claims 

The IRS has a time limit for accepting the refund claims in all the categories and criteria in your tax overpayment. You have to report the credits and refund claims within three years of the original filing of tax returns. IRS will not accept any refund claims which are older than three years.

The tax refunds differ for vehicles under the sold, transferred, destroyed or stolen category. A credit, lower tax, exemption or refund is not allowed for an occasional light or decreased load or a discontinued or changed vehicle use. 

Credit or refund for participation in a state vehicle replacement program

If you are approved and participated in a state vehicle replacement incentive program, you may be eligible for a credit or refund of Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax. To apply for credit for the current year, complete line 5 of Form 2290, following the instructions to include the required information and file your return. And if you want to apply for a refund, complete Form 8849 with Schedule 6?(Form 8849), following the instructions for each.

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Claim requirements 

Generally, you must file your claim for credits or returns within three years of your original returns related to your claim or two years of the reported tax payment, whichever is later.

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FAQs about IRS Tax Form 2290 Refund Claims. 

  • What are form 2290 credits? 

In certain cases, IRS will issue the refunds of already paid form 2290 road tax returns as tax credits in your future form 2290 tax payments.

  • What is Form 8849? 

Form 8849 is filed for requesting a refund on your form 2290 taxes paid to the IRS for using the public highways to operate heavy motor vehicles. You can e-file with form 2290 to claim your already paid 2290 road tax credits. But you need to e-file a with a separate form 8849 schedule 6 to get claim refunds for your previously paid taxes under certain circumstances from the IRS.

  • Can I e-file to claim tax credits and refunds in 

Yes, you can e-file to claim credits from previous tax returns while e-filing form 2290 for the current tax periods. Also, you can e-file form 8849 schedule 6 to get refunds from the IRS.

  • What are all credits claimed in form 2290? 

You can claim form 2290 tax credits,

  1. The IRS will give you tax overpaid credits if you accidentally overpaid your form 2290 tax returns payments. 
  2. Your vehicle has low mileage than 5,000 miles per tax year.
  3. Your vehicle got sold, transferred, destroyed or stolen.
  • What is tax overpaid credits? 

If you accidentally made more payments than the actual form 2290 payment for your HVUT or paid form 2290 truck tax twice for the same vehicle, the IRS will provide the refund or credits for the additional amount. Overpayment usually occurs when choosing the wrong options while filing form 2290, like choosing the wrong taxable gross weight category, the wrong first used month, tax period, EIN or business information.

  • Can I e-file to claim a refund for a sold, destroyed, or stolen vehicle during the tax period through 

Yes. You can claim a credit for the tax paid on the next Form 2290 you file in the same or next tax period. Or, you can claim a refund of the tax paid on Form 8849, Schedule 6, Other Claims. The amount depends on when the vehicle was sold, destroyed or stolen. 

  • Can I e-file to claim a refund for a vehicle I used less than 5,000 miles during the tax period through 

Yes. If you already paid the tax on a vehicle you used for less than 5,000 miles, you can claim a credit on the first Form 2290 you file for the next tax period. Or, you can claim a refund on Form 8849, Schedule 6, Other Claims. However, you cannot apply for credit or claim for this refund cannot be filed until the next tax period.