Got a letter or notice from the IRS for your 2290 Tax Filings

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IRS Letter or Notice – Don’t ignore it or get panic. 

Most IRS letters and notices are about your federal tax returns or tax accounts. Each notice deals with a specific issue and includes specific instructions on what to do. Your IRS notice or letter will explain the reason for the contact and give you instructions on how to handle the issue.

Why was I notified by the IRS?

The IRS sends notices and letters for the following reasons:

  • You have a balance due.
  • You are due a larger or smaller refund.
  • IRS  have a question about your tax return.
  • IRS need to verify your identity.
  • IRS need additional information.
  • IRS changed your return.
  • IRS need to notify you of delays in processing your return.

IRS Notice and Next Steps


Each notice or letter contains a lot of valuable information, so it’s very important that you read it carefully. If we changed your tax return, compare the information we provided in the notice or letter with the information in your original return. 


If your notice or letter requires a response by a specific date, there are two main reasons you’ll want to comply:

  • to minimize additional interest and penalty charges.
  • to preserve your appeal rights if you don’t agree.


Pay as much as you can, even if you can’t pay the full amount you owe. You can pay online or apply for an Online Payment Agreement or Offer in Compromise. Visit IRS payments page for more information.

Keep a copy of your notice or letter

It’s important to keep a copy of all notices or letters with your tax records. You may need these documents at a later date.

Location of the notice or letter number

You can find the notice (CP) or letter (LTR) number on either the top or the bottom right-hand corner of your correspondence. – 2290 Call Support

We have a help desk to work through the business hours on all business days to help our users with the information they need to complete the 2290 taxes and other services related to it. We can help you with more information on your return and the copy of the IRS watermarked Schedule 1 receipt. 

To contact the IRS, the phone number is on the top right-hand corner of the notice or letter. IRS defines that you only need to contact then if you don’t agree with the information, if we requested additional information, or if you have a balance due. You can also write to the IRS at the address in the notice or letter. If you write, allow at least 30 days for the IRS to respond.