Electronic 2290 Tax Return – Fastest Schedule -1 Proof!

The horrible road blocks, jams, rain, bad weather, potholes and more is already making trucking a gargantuan task. For you, filing this 2290 tax papers and Schedule 1’s seems to be more taxing. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Electronic filing will get your tax filing more convenient and easy, a complete out and out comfortable filing experience like driving your truck on a flat narrow highway and on a peace full journey. How good it is to imagine right!

Faster Processing and Easy Steps:

Preparing your truck tax return is easy now while doing it with http://TruckDues.com, an IRS authorized provider at an economic prize that starts from $7.99. Electronic filing means easy filing, a step-by-step approach to your tax return to make you clear how this 2290 truck taxes are reported.

Electronic filing could race your return for faster processing and acceptance with an extra care of doing it right without losing your comfort.  A double bonus, e-file and that too at $7.99! WOW it is 2290+

What is your tax liability?

Every vehicle reporting 2290 taxes for the year has a tax amount that is what you’re liable with the IRS for processing your tax return and issuing you the stamped Schedule -1 proof paper. This tax liability is completely based on your trucking service, vehicle utilization and when you put them on road means the first use in the tax year from July.

The maximum tax you earn is $550 for a taxable vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 75,000 pounds and above, a minimal tax would cost $100 or $75 for logging vehicle with a gross weight of 55,000 lbs. Normally the Taxable gross weight starts from 55,000 pounds and more, with a mileage use limit of 5,000 miles on a public highway (7,500 for Logging Vehicles).

Truck Tax Efile

How you pay your 2290 online?

When you owe tax you can avail from the 3 payment methods as described by the IRS.

  • EFTPS – Electronic Federal Tax Payment Systems govern by EFTPS.gov.
  • EFW (Direct Debit) – Electronic Funds Withdrawal.
  • Pay Check or Money Order.

You can choose the convenient option to pay your taxes on time.

Reporting with IRS?

You can choose between paper return and e-file. For paper return, IRS won’t be sending you the Form 2290 pdf’s any more you need to download it from their website, complete it on your own and mail it to the IRS with a check or walk in to a local downtown office standing in line and pay it. These might take some time on your business hours/days. Go for electronic filing as it is easy, saves you time and money. Do it anytime from anywhere. IRS stamped otherwise watermarked schedule -1 receipt would be made available as early as IRS completes processing your return. Won’t take much time for you to report it online and claim your proof receipts (Schedule-1 copies).

Schedule -1 papers

The IRS will process your tax 2290 return and issues you the stamped Schedule 1 papers as proof of payment of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax with the VIN# on it. When you report for multiple vehicles, the VIN# is listed in the Schedule -1 paper to notify your vehicles for which taxes are paid.

E-file starts at $7.99 on-words

The main objective of this software program is to make electronic filing of 2290 affordable and available to every trucker irrespective of the fleet size. To make it economical we price it from $7.99 for a single truck, “The Best Price in the Market”. You could get FREE VIN Correction if required, FREE phone/chat/email support and FREE record keeping, download your return and schedule-1 copies any time.

Help all the way

When you choose to efile you can call our support line and get help to complete it in our website. We could take you screen-by-screen and detail you the process. You know that, does not required to be sound in tax terms while you e-file. It is simple, easy and fast.

Phone Support and Email Support

We have a dedicated agents who’re good in 2290 truck tax returns can help you complete you returns right. Call and talk to us at (347) 515 – 2290, email us at support@truckdues.com