E-file Truck Tax Form 2290, a PLUS!

Wow, this is about Form 2290 and Schedule-1 electronic filing of your taxable vehicle this July 2016. You know that this 2290 tax is due now and needs to be filed. Electronic filing would be the right choice to file these taxes and it has a plus. Let us see the plus that you can gain with e-filing.

Electronic Filing:

TruckDues.com gives you the plus+ of electronic filing and helps you save time, money and get your taxes done right. Accurate filing is possible with TruckDues.com and you just need to answer simple questions about your trucking business, vehicle details and mileage use limit to complete your tax return.

Electronic filing carries your return faster than any other means, get this processed by the IRS and issues you the watermarked Schedule-1 receipt by email. Electronic filing is simple, quick and as easy as 1-2-3…!

Join the thousands of truckers who trust and support electronic filing for the federal heavy vehicle use tax returns through TruckDues.com, the best price in the market.

Stamped Schedule-1 Receipt:

For your business IRS Stamped Schedule receipt is a must to register or renew your vehicle in your name with the state authorities, register with DMV/DOT officials, Lease/attach your vehicle to a company, renew or claim your tags and plate’s.  In such cases you cannot afford to relax and wait for days to claim your Schedule-1 receipt. By doing it online you could collect it in minimum 5 to 15 minutes, express schedule-1 receipt is possible with TruckDues.com.

How E-file works in 2290 tax filing?

A good question and a frank answer is easy and fast. You need to create an account with TruckDues.com (something like creating an email account with basic user information), complete your business details, vehicle data like gross weight, mileage use limit and vin#, how to prefer to file this 2290? and pay for the service! Starts from $7.99….

Transmit your returns to the IRS for processing; this saves you time, and helps to ensure your information is entered quickly, correctly, and completely. Plus, we securely save your information as you go, so you can always come back and finish later. 100% accurate calculation of taxes and double checked for errors, no more missing documents as it prompts for all related information while completing your tax return.

IRS will verify your business details and issues you back a stamped which is referred as Water Marked Schedule -1 Proof, with the date as a sign of acknowledgement. It is as easy as 1-2-3!…. 17,18,19….!

More Plus+ with TruckDues.com!

There are more plus when you choose to file 2290 returns electronically and they are…

  • You can prepare and file your 2290 truck tax returns, 2290 amendments, 2290 claims and VIN Correction at one place.
  • You can prepare and report a tax 2290 return anytime from anywhere, 24X7 access.
  • Misspelled your VIN# correct it online in minutes, for FREE.
  • 100% accurate math calculation. Taxes done right, guaranteed
  • Fast Schedule-1 receipt, don’t take much time to get your returns processed by IRS.
  • Secured and Protected website, a complete sealed protection.
  • Pay Less from your pocket, e-file fee starts at $7.99 and the BEST price in the market.
  • Rated high by the truck tax filers.
  • Record keeping is easy, download your receipt and 2290 PDF any time.
  • Support and Help Available, call and talk to us when you have a question.

Plus is a plus and TruckDues.com makes it a double plus. Choose E-file for easy filing and secured transactions.

Simplified 2290 taxes online!