Uploading Bulk Vehicle Information is Quite Simple via TruckDues.com

As per the IRS instruction, Electronic filing Form 2290 is required for each return reporting 25 or more vehicles that you file during the tax period. However, you are encouraged to file electronically regardless of the number of vehicles being reported. Now when you are reporting an inventory that includes multiple vehicles information and that needs to be reported over your 2290 HVUT tax return, don’t think it might take a long time to enter all the vehicles one by one.

Instead, this process is quite simple when using our Bulk upload vehicle information option. You just need to download our excel spreadsheet which contains the required fields to enter the Unit Number , Vehicle Identification Number & to select the Taxable Gross weight in pounds, to select if the vehicle is a logging vehicle or Agricultural.

Step 1:

Click Bulk Vehicle Upload Option

Capture 2








Capture 1


Step 2:

Download the excel spreadsheet to your local computer. The excel spreadsheet can be accessed via this following hyperlink.  https://www.truckdues.com/BulkVehicleDataUpload/

Step 3:

Post entering the required fields on the excel spreadsheet, upload the completed excel spreadsheet document to your tax return.

Capture 3

Then our application would prompt you to select the appropriate fields from the drop down menu.

Capture 5

Step 4:

Once the field is uploaded the application displays the total number of vehicles reported over the uploaded excel spreadsheet template.

Capture 4

By following the above mentioned steps, you should be able to list multiple vehicle information into your tax return with no hassle.  In case, you face any inconvenience during bulk uploading your vehicle information, you may feel free to reach us back @ (347) 515-2290 [9.A.M through 5. P.M, Monday through Friday- Central Standard Time] or write in your queries to us: support@truckdues.com