Today is the deadline to e-file pro-rated Form 2290 HVUT for December used trucks!

Attention truckers! Form 2290 HVUT returns for December 2023 heavy vehicles and trucks are due today. So, don’t wait anymore; E-file Form 2290 on a partial period or pro-rated basis on and get the IRS Schedule 1 receipt by the end of this day. If you skip this day without reporting the pro-rated taxes for December used vehicles, the IRS will charge hefty penalties, late fees and interest on your tax dues. Also, you can’t operate your trucking business without a valid Schedule 1 receipt for your truck. Form 2290 e-filing is the best option to beat the last-minute heat and get things done smoothly.

Understand your Form 2290 tax eligibility!
Partial period Form 2290 truck taxes work the same as the usual highway heavy vehicle use taxes for taxable and non-taxable vehicles. Heavy vehicles or trucks with a total gross weight of over 55,000 pounds and estimated to travel more than 5,000 miles (7500 miles for agricultural vehicles) come under the taxable heavy vehicle category. Owners of taxable heavy vehicles must estimate Form 2290 tax reports and pay the tax dues to the IRS in advance. The deadline to report pro-rated Form 2290 truck taxes is the end of the following month of the vehicle’s first used month. For the heavy vehicles and trucks first used on December 2023, the last date to report pro-rated Form 2290 is January 31, 2024. Owners with non-taxable heavy vehicles should also report pro-rated form 2290 truck taxes within the deadline as tax-suspended vehicles and get the valid Schedule 1 receipt from the IRS without fail.  

Fulfil your Form 2290 tax commitments before the deadline. 

January 31, 2024, is the last date to report form 2290 HVUT on a pro-rated or partial period basis for your heavy vehicles and trucks used in December 2023. As the pro-rated truck taxes are estimated based on the vehicle’s first used month, they are calculated from the first used month till the end of the ongoing tax period. Therefore, the pro-rated taxes for December used heavy vehicles must be calculated from December 2023 to June 2024. The truckers must report and pay the pro-rated form 2290 truck tax returns and get the valid IRS stamped schedule 1 receipt by the end of this day to continue their trucking operations.

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