Buckle Up, Truckers! The IRS is Back in Business!

A shout-out to all truckers! The IRS is back online and started accepting new Form 2290 tax returns. They began processing all Form 2290 HVUT reports and sending out the stamped Schedule 1 receipt. So, don’t delay any more; E-file Form 2290 on TruckDues.com and get your instant Schedule 1 receipt to your registered email ID.

January 31, 2024, is the last date to report pro-rated Form 2290 HVUT for December used heavy vehicles. If you have any December used vehicles or newly purchased vehicles in December 2023, you must file Form 2290 HVUT returns on a pro-rated basis to the IRS and get the proper Schedule 1 receipt on or before the deadline. Otherwise, the IRS will hit you with penalties, late charges, and interest on your tax dues. So, E-file your pro-rated Form 2290 returns on TruckDues.com to stay in compliance with the law and avoid IRS actions for late filing of your tax reports.

With the benefits of TruckDues.com, you will get

Fast Processing: No more snail mail delays! E-filing Form 2290 tax reports helps you to complete your tax reporting process to the IRS quicker and enables you to get the instant Schedule 1 receipt. You don’t have to wait for longer or follow the paper trail like you did before.

Accuracy Boost: It’s time to ditch the headaches of manual calculations and potential typos. TruckDues.com comes with all the essential facilities to minimize your workload, ensure 100% accuracy, and save you from penalties.

Simple and Secure: Forget about filling, printing, and mailing your Form 2290. Also, you don’t have to worry about losing your Form 2290 on the way to the IRS. TruckDues.com is there to keep your tax forms, data, and information safe and sound. As an added advantage, you can easily send your taxes online directly to the IRS through official payment gateways.

Save time and money: You can save countless hours and days spent manually filling out the forms and calculating your tax returns. TruckDues.com made Form 2290 E-filing faster and more affordable, leaving more time for you to focus on your business or just to relax!

Also, remember if you manage a fleet of 25 or more taxable vehicles, e-filing is mandatory as per the IRS regulations. But why not make it your go-to option, even for smaller fleets? It’s just plain smarter and easier. And who is the better partner to e-file Form 2290 tax reports than TruckDues.com? So, get ready to roll with us this year; we assure you that you will be satisfied with our services.

For more details, you can reach our customer support team at (347) – 515 – 2290, a toll-free number. Our executives are available from 8 AM to 6 PM EST on all working days. They will attend your call at once and sort out all your form 2290 and tax e-filing-relat