Just Few days left until the end of the Month; So is your Form 2290 Deadline!

Blog image April 26

“Without a deadline, every word you write will feel like you’re building a bridge to nowhere.”  Hence, generally we need a path to reach any destination with no hurdles. Likewise, assume filing your Federal Highway Used tax returns (Form 2290) on time would be the destination; www.truckdues.com is the shortest route you pick on. As conventional way of Paper mailing tax returns would take a very long time to reach, but e-filing serves you as the shortest way ever to reach your destination without wasting any time.

Few more days left until the end of the Month; so is your Form 2290 HVUT deadline. We often tend to forget the tax deadlines as we are really busy with our daily schedule. However, missing the tax deadline can incur extra dollars off our hard earned money in the form of late filing penalty. So avoid procrastination while filing your Form 2290 HVUT tax returns, log on www.truckdues.com and e-file your Form 2290 tax returns to receive the IRS watermarked copy of schedule 1 back in your e-mail in few minutes.

TruckDues.com is an IRS authorized e-file service provider who has been serving the tax filing needs of Truckers & Trucking companies across the nation with one motive on mind “ You don’t need a reason to Help People ” and we believe that we are sticking around to the saying since the day we established our business.  We have served hundreds of  thousands Owner Operators & Trucking Companies to e-file their Federal Highway Used Tax returns on time and made them stay away from the IRS Tax jargon.

You might wonder how long does it even take to e-file your tax return through www.truckdues.com well the answer is mere few minutes. Yes, it hardly takes 5 – 10 minutes to complete your e-filing process, and you think how long before do you receive an update back from the IRS, yet again its few minutes.  Soon after you e-file your tax returns you’d be able to receive the copy of Schedule in your e-mail.

The digital watermarked copy of schedule 1 would nicely serve as the proof of filing during your vehicle registration.  Should you have any constrain amidst of your filing process, (or) any inquiries that you may have, Feel free to reach our Customer Support Team @ (347) 515-2290 (Monday through Friday, 9. A.M through 5 P.M Central Standard Time) or e-mail us: support@truckdues.com