It’s just a fortnight left until your pro-rated HVUT Form 2290

Yes you heard it right it’s just a couple weeks’ time left to file your taxes, But you might ask, Why now? Well, do u have a new vehicle to report which is yet to be filed? Now is the right time to do it. As per the IRS regulations it’s mandatory to file your vehicle for tax purposes, in failure to do so will attract penalty for late filing and payments of taxes.

So why waste on extra cash when you can prevent if by filing with us, for a mere $7.99 you would be able to file your taxes and also do any corrections through our website.

So when, what and how should it be done? We have the solutions for you and here are some common questions that we come across on day to day basis:

When should I pay?

 As per the IRS it’s mandatory for all new vehicles to file the vehicle by the last day of the following month of its first use.

Should I pay for the whole year?

No, the taxes are calculated based on the first month of use till June 30th, so the taxes will be calculated for the number of months used and miles to be driven (taxes are applicable for vehicles mileage over 5,000 or 7500 for agricultural vehicles)

Why us?

  • When truckers are busy providing services for all the need of our country, we are here to help our patriots to do the filings on the go.
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Here at we avail multiple and secure modes of payment options, authorized by the federal govt. So why to worry? E-File your 2290 tax returns in a swing of a baseball bat using to receive an instant confirmation back in your e-mail.

You may feel free to reach us back for further assistance during your e-filing process over the following mediums:

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