Form 2290 – Tax payment Options

Like it or not, taxes are part of our lives now. Any newbie to E-filing HVUT Form 2290 will sure have this question running on back of his/her mind from time he decides to E-file Form 2290. Thank the IRS for not forcing you to pay taxes for this Form with only one option. There are three different ways to pay your HVUT taxes when you file them online, those are:


  • Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) using your bank routing number and bank account number,
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) by visiting,
  • Check or money order by downloading 2290V payment voucher and mailing it to the IRS with the          payment.

No matter which option you chose, the payment will be processed directly by the US Treasury. Regardless of the payment method you choose you can still receive your Stamped Schedule 1 via email within minutes of your return being accepted by the IRS because you have either paid or made an electronic promise to pay the taxes due. You will choose your payment option during the process of E-Filing your Form 2290.

Important Note: Credit cards cannot be used to make tax payments because the IRS does not accept this payment method for 2290s till now.

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