E-file VIN Corrections for Free Only with Truckdues.com

We here at Truckdues.com do know the fact that every hardworking trucker behind the wheel are not tech savvy and are not very familiar with E-filing HVUT. So it is very easy to make mistake by keying in an incorrect VIN on the Form 2290. Correcting a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) may sound complicated and it is more confusing when you do it online, but with Truckdues.com this process is a walk in the park. The taxpayer simply needs to file an IRS Form 2290 Amendment to correct the mistakenly filed VIN.

When logged on to our application you simply need to choose Form 2290 Amendment and then select the VIN correction option. The system will then walk you through the VIN correction E-filing process and you receive your corrected Schedule 1 copy with correct VIN within minutes to your registered email address.

We always believe in the fact the mistakes do happen and charging for a simple typo is not legit. So we made E-filing VIN correction absolutely free for customers who have filed their original Form 2290 with TruckDues.com. Yes! You read it right; there is no charge at all to e-file for a VIN correction for those users who are correcting their VIN’s for returns filed through TruckDues.com.

If there is anything else you need assistance with feel free to call us at 347-515-2290 or write to us at support@truckdues.com . We assure you that you would have not received a better customer service like the one you receive at TruckDues.com.