Finally, the IRS is up and running!

Hey there truckers! Hope you’re all covered up with your taxes and had a stress free new year. There’s always a deadline coming up every month and as you know it’s time to report your vehicles bought in the month of December 2020 before January 31, 2021. Though most of you prefer to file your tax returns electronically we do get contacted for the manual filing process. Due to the pandemic, the IRS offices are closed and the only option would be is to file your taxes electronically. E-filing make your filing experience easier and faster when compared to manual filing.

The other great news is that the IRS has finally resumed its e-services and any returns filed during the downtime from December 26th, 2020  to January 7th, 2021 should already be receiving your schedule-1 copies. Any Form 2290 tax returns filed through will now be processed immediately and deliver your sch.1 copies to your email in no time which is indeed helpful to have your tags renewed.

Being at the start of the year we could see that most of our customers are buying and trading trucks for a fresh start as an upgrade. For any assistance relating to your refund/transfer of credits on vehicles sold or purchased we are here to assist you. You may visit and register yourself and file your taxes to get the watermarked schedule-1 copies within minutes into your email, You may contact us at 347-515-2290 for further queries on your 2290 e-filing. E-filing or simply drop an email to You can also chat to a live representative and if you’re not able to reach anyone you can simply leave a voice mail and your tax experts would call you at the earliest. So why are you waiting go ahead and file your pending returns right away and get the schedule-1 in minutes.