Errors You Should Stay Away From While Filing Form 2290

So what is going on, fellow truckers? The roads are busy, the trucks are filled with load to be delivered and if you have taken your vehicle out for the first t time this month, the tax is left due for the month. You are liable to file form 2290 online or paper file before the due date, i.e. 31st of March 2015. And you have only 3 days in hand to get your tax return filed. With the time constraint and the limitation with the due date, the best option or say, the method to file and report form 2290 is e-filing. However, we would not like you to move too fast, as haste will only bring in careless mistakes.

Yet, there is always a silver lining. If you choose online filing with instead of paper/ manual filing, you can be assured, you are likely to commit lesser mistakes and faster filing. We have a built-in error check that ensures your return is fit-to-be-filed before you transmit it to the IRS. Pieces of paper can’t do that! Additionally, you’ve got our Tax Expertise by your side, answering with perfection, to all your queries, questions and the best, there’s no reason to file blindly and hope you’ve got it right!

Of course, with hundreds of thousands of e-filers out there, an occasional slip is not so unusual. Here are the five mistakes to avoid, straight from the e-filing experts themselves!

1. Incorrect First-Used Month:

This will not be a reason for the rejection of your tax return; however, it will cause issues when it comes to your tags. The tax year for HVUT begins July 1st of every calendar year. This means that for all renewals (trucks that have been in use already), the first-used month is automatically July, even if you’re filing in August. The only time you’d choose a later month is if the truck is purchased after or before the beginning of the tax year. For example, if you purchase a new truck in February, then that would be the first-used month. Obviously, March!

2. Name or EIN Mismatch:

Your name, business name, and EIN must match exactly what the IRS has on file. If any of the mentioned details are different or with a slight change, your return would be rejected. If you are unsure of the name or EIN on file, you should quickly call the IRS to verify. The IRS EIN Hotline is 1-800-829-4933.

3. EIN Not Showing Up:

If you have a registered EIN right, there in your hand and IRS is not showing up any of the records. This is normal if your EIN is new. It takes up to 10 business days for the new EIN to be entered into records. And if you don’t have an EIN yet, you can apply online. Click here to know more.

4. VIN Errors:

These 17 little digits can make or break your return! Most often, incorrect VIN numbers lead to a duplicate filing error and it occurs when you try to file a return the same truck more than once. As per the rules of in the books of IRS, only one return will be processed per VIN within the tax year. And if you have accidentally filing with the wrong VIN, the same would be imprinted on your schedule 1 copy. Once you realize you have done a mistake, you will have to re-file your return, or you are answerable to the auditors.

5. Incorrect Bank Routing #:

This nine digit bank code is printed at the bottom left of a check, just before your account number. If you elect to pay your taxes by EFW (Electronic Funds Withdrawal), you will need to enter this information correctly, or your return may be rejected.

If your return is rejected, you can correct it and re-transmit it to the IRS free! Only if you E-filed with Adding up reasons to ditch the old traditional method- Paper filing. You’ll also receive your stamped Schedule 1 within minutes of your return being accepted, something else that paper-filers miss out on.

If you’ve hit a roadblock or had your return rejected, don’t hesitate to reach our Tax Expertise @ 347-515-2290 or shoot an email to