Agricultural Vehicles- Part I

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Coming back to the subject, this is one question asked most frequently by our loyal customers:

Can I File My Vehicle As An Agricultural Vehicle?

As you know, the tax rate and filing requirement solely depends upon your vehicle type and how you are using it. And this is one such reason, why it is important to categorize your taxable vehicles accordingly while you file form 2290.

Agricultural vehicles are special required vehicles and thus, the taxation would be little different compared to taxable vehicles.

Keep reading to understand if you have to file an agricultural vehicle:

Agricultural Vehicles & Higher Mileage Limits:

Vehicles are mandate to file form 2290 HVUT with the taxable gross weight over 55,000 pounds and that travels over 5,000 miles on public highway throughout the tax period. IRS been the most considerate with the agricultural requirements, farmers are allowed to drive up to 7,500 miles on public highways each year before having to pay any tax at all! For further clarification, this does not mean you don’t have to file HVUT at all.

If your vehicle weighs over 55,000 pounds, you still have to file HVUT and receive schedule 1 copy. However, if your agricultural vehicle will drive fewer than 7,500 miles throughout the tax year, you will owe zero tax when you file! This is known as filing a Category W or a Suspended/Low Mileage Vehicle.

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