Comparison between AAOO & OOIDA

The American Association of Owner Operators (AAOO) is a nationwide association created to benefit professional truckers and small fleet owners. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) is the international trade association representing the interests of independent owner-operators and professional drivers on all issues that affect truckers. There is an interesting post in AAOO site comparing both these bodies and here it is for your review…


AAOO Fuel Card

OOIDA Fuel Card

·         1 to 35 cents off per gallon

·         No transaction, monthly, or interest fees

·         Network of over 5,000 truck stops

·         Cash price ALWAYS

·         10 cents off per gallon

·         No transaction fees

·         Network of over 2,000 Pilot Flying J location

·         Cash price can vary

AAOO Load Board

OOIDA Load Board

·         DAT Load Board

·         First 30 days free

·         DAT Load Board

·         First 30 days free

AAOO Wellness

OOIDA Wellness

·         Free trucker wellness program to ALL members


·         Do they care?

AAOO CDL Protection

OOIDA CDL Protection

·         Largest network of CDL attorneys

·         92% success rate in getting tickets, violations, and more dismissed


·         No way of protecting your CDL license and your career

AAOO Factoring

OOIDA Factoring

·         Same day funding

·         Great rates

·         Fuel advances

·         And a lot more!

·         No tools to help you get your hard earned money fast

AAOO Professional Business Services

OOIDA Professional Business Services                   

·         Provides truck drivers with tax, bookkeeping, accounting, and other services to help keep their trucking business running ·         No tools or help to run the back end of your trucking business

AAOO Roadside Assistance

OOIDA Roadside Assistance

·         Towing

·         Tire repair and replacement

·         Mobile mechanics

·         Fuel, oil, fluid, and water delivery

·         Lock outs

·         Battery and part delivery

·         Winching

·         Truck and engine over haul financing

·         One-time payment, unlimited use

·         When you break down, you pull out your wallet

·         Pay $55 EVERY time you need assistance.



·         Provides ELDs (equipment free to members) ·         Wastes your money by fighting a losing battle against the use of ELDs

 AAOO Truck Insurance

OOIDA Truck Insurance

·         Provides insurance for your rig ·         Provides insurance for your rig


 AAOO Membership Price

 OOIDA Membership Price

$60 per year $45 per year


 American Association of Owner Operators


For $60 a year, you have access to over $3,500 in savings.  We give you tools and resources to be successful and healthy as an owner operator truck driver.

Benefit Recap:

·         Wellness program

·         Better fuel card

·         Load board

·         Factoring

·         Roadside assistance

·         Better tire program

·         Insurance

·         CDL protection

·         Business tools & help

·         ELDs

For $45 a year, you have access to a mediocre set of benefits.  You might breakeven with an OOIDA membership if you are lucky.

Benefit Recap:

·         Insignificant fuel card

·         Slight tire discounts

·         Limited roadside assistance

·         Insurance

·         Other useless benefits like a free subscription to their magazine that is already free to the public

Direct any questions to on this comparison to AAOO, Membership Services Director, Kyle, at or (502) 890-7677.

It is now up to you to decide on the actual benefits, between AAOO and OOIDA.


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