Avoid Procrastination! Don’t let the Tax Deadline Impede your Halloween Celebration

Yeah!!! Halloween is nearly upon us & No body prefers an interruption while having a good time during Halloween being on gaudy-spooky outfit, carving pumpkins, going on a party crawl, passing out candy & Creepy Chocolate Chip Cookies to the kids & so on. But did you know that October 31 (Halloween 2016) is also going to be the deadline to file your HVUT’s for the vehicles that began operation during September 2016. There is no shame in being  too old for trick-or-treating cause it ain’t gonna cost you money, but you don’t have to be late on your tax filing where it costs your hard earned money.

So don’t hold up until the month end to be a last moment filer, just spare few minutes to answer few simple questions on TruckDues.com to have your taxes e- filed & approved by the IRS instantly. TruckDues.com being an IRS authorized e-file service provider is well known across the nation for its reliability and customer friendliness, Never consumes your Time & Money as E-filing begins @ just $7.99.

What do you have to have to begin with your e-filing?

  • EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Vehicle gross weight in pounds (lbs)
  • Determined Mileage limit of the vehicle over the period reported.

Rest all would be taken care by our application. Simply input these values and the inbuilt features within the application project them over a prepared PDF which could be electronically sent to the IRS for acceptance post making the service fee payment, turning around in few minutes later in your e-mail would be the IRS digital watermarked Schedule 1 copy a.k.a the Proof of Payment for your 2290 tax return.

Well are you thinking I can’t do it myself? Contact our customer support @(347) 515-2290 or e-mail us @ support@truckdues.com , or Utilize our Live chat help to seek immediate assistance with your Filing. So we wish you Good luck with your filing. Have a good one on this Halloween!!!  See you later on Thanksgiving. Bye Now!