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Under Whose name must the Form 2290 be Filed?

Truckers, almost on a daily basis we face this question from our HVUT tax payers that on most cases they’d have the vehicles leased on a company who might insist on getting the 2290’s been filed under their business name and many operators are left behind with no options else than facing problems during the vehicle registration purposes due to the absence of an Employer Identification Number.

At times, the chances of overpaying the taxes occurs due to the reason that the owner operator might fluctuate in picking up a new company upon cease of the lease agreement with the present employer due to various reasons.

The Federal law indicates that the owner of the vehicle in accordance to the truck tile is liable to e-file the HVUT Form 2290. Having said that, an EIN is required in the first place before reporting the truck on the Form 2290 electronically. Besides, Usage of an SSN might lead to rejection of your tax return.

Hence, we urge the trucking community to choose the right business name under which the tax return needs to be e-filed to avoid such last moment mishaps. If you still not sure, you may feel free to contact the IRS 2290 e-file help-desk @ (866) 699-4096 before e-filing your HVUT Form 2290.

Few Days Left to Renew your HVUT Form 2290 before it’s too late!

Hello there Truckers, the HVUT Form 2290 is now due for the Period beginning July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. It has been at least a couple of months since the IRS has started accepting HVUT Form 2290 for the Period July 2019-2020. However, it got delayed meanwhile due to the recent IRS temporary downtime which occurred as a result of up gradation purposes.

The IRS systems goes offline every year during the month of December due to Christmas holidays and they would recommence full operations by the 2nd week after the New Year. But this will be a scheduled downtime which happens every year in order for the IRS to be able to stabilize their systems to accept the HVUT Form 2290 for the upcoming tax year.

Every year, the HVUT Form 2290 is due by June and its payable until the end of August. But we advise the HVUT payers, not to wait until the last moment to e-file the HVUT Form 2290 and would recommend them to e-file their HVUT before July 31st, 2019 to avoid a last moment rush and to join the procrastinator club to enable a further delay on receiving the IRS digital watermarked copy of Schedule 1 in your e-mail.

The Heavy Highway vehicle used tax return is basically an Annual Tax paid to the Internal Revenue Service on vehicles with a minimum gross weight of 55000 lbs or more and if the same vehicle is been used over the public highways for commercial, Agricultural & Logging purposes. Tax dues are always paid upfront full in advance to the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS e-file servers are now back up Online. Renew your Form 2290 Now!

Hello there HVUT Form 2290 e-filers! As you all know that the IRS e-file servers were offline from July 18, 2019 through July 22, 2019. But as per our recent update from the IRS, their e-file systems have turned online and indeed have started accepting tax returns since this early morning. Hence, you may start filing your HVUT Form 2290’s now and receive the IRS digital watermarked confirmation back in your e-mail within a couple of hours.

This recent shutdown was commenced by the IRS on a temporary note in order for them to upgrade their services just like an update that arrives in your smartphone, to improve performances and bug fixes if there was any reported earlier. This downtime must ensure a stability of their systems to accept the overwhelming response of tax returns been filed during this high time.

There is always no priority given to any tax returns e-filed, unlike your filings done at the local IRS facilities, where you are required to set an appointment right before you step in which guarantees a specific slot for you to be able to get the services rendered, in contrast the IRS e-file systems are loaded up with computers executing sequential commands which only entertains/processes tax returns First come; First Served basis. Hence, the sooner you E-File the sooner you’ll receive the stamped confirmation back in your e-mail.

The HVUT Form 2290 is an annual tax paid to the Internal Revenue Service on vehicles which comprises a minimum taxable gross weight of 55000 lbs or more and if the same truck is been used over the public highways for commercial, Agricultural & logging purposes. The Form 2290 is generally due by June and its payable until the end of August. Hence, sooner e-renew your HVUT Form 22910 and receive the stamped confirmations back in your e-mail instantly for your vehicle registration purposes.  Reach our tax experts 24×7 at (347) 515-2290 for your HVUT Form 2290 filing needs.

Common Rejections you face while e-filing your HVUT Form 2290!

The HVUT Form 2290 is an annual tax return filed for vehicles with a gross weight of 55000 lbs or more and the same is been used over the public highways for commercial, Agricultural & Logging related purposes. The Form 2290 is basically due by June and its payable until the end of August. Any tax returns filed post this time is considered to be late and penalties and interests are applicable on these filings for 2 reasons such as Failure to File & Failure to pay on time.

Almost on a daily basis, we receive calls from our HVUT payers stating that they have faced a rejection on their tax return for some reason and they are unsure on how to go about fixing it. Well over this article we are going to let you know about the common scenarios where IRS rejection seems to be possible and they are as follows:

  • Mismatch of Business Name/EIN in accordance to the IRS database.
  • If you fail to report a change on your address since your last filing.
  • Usage of an EIN which has been applied within the past 15 days of e-filing,
  • Entering Incorrect Bank Routing Transit Number for the IRS tax payment.
  • Duplicate submission of your tax return ( Meaning that you’re trying to e-file & pay for the same tax year twice)

Now when you’re over these issues there is nothing to stop your tax return from being accepted by the Internal Revenue Service. Although if you face any rejections despite of cross verifying all the details, you may feel free to contact the IRS e-file Help desk @ (866) 699-4096 for further assistance.

At any case our tax experts strive to serve the ever hardworking truckers of the United States of America, the land of opportunity! Reach our tax expert support over the following mediums:

Phone: (347) 515-2290 [Now working on weekends until Aug 31st, 2019 to serve the trucking community]


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The IRS E-File servers are back Up On-line! E-File your Pro-rated HVUT Now!

Hey there Truckers, after a fortnight waiting period the IRS e-file servers are finally back up online from Today. Hence, the IRS servers will be able to accept your e-filed tax returns and be able to issue the digital watermarked copy of schedule 1 for your vehicle registration purposes.

Now having said that, the Government shutdown still persists at the moment which will have an impact over the local IRS facilities & courthouses making most of the walk in sites to be non-operational until the shutdown ceases.

For your kind information, the IRS has a huge volume of 2290 tax return filed since the downtime hence it may take until the end of today before the IRS could accept all the tax returns that were filed during the maintenance period.  So, we kindly request you to patiently wait until the end of today before receiving the IRS digital watermarked copy of schedule 1 back in your e-mail.

The Federal law states that the Form 2290 musty be e-filed on a vehicle by the last day of the month following the month of its first use. On that basis the Pro-rated HVUT Form is now due by January 31st, 2019 for vehicles used on the road since Dec 2018. E-File soon if you haven’t filed it yet. is rated to be one of the secured & simple websites powered by Thawte & McAfee which means our website can be relied upon this fact with no second thought. All the data is encrypted so there is never a chance for a breach to any information that passes through our website.

Reach us back for any further assistance over the following mediums:

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Have a Good One! See you over the next article.

Correcting errors on the VIN has been made easy with!

Did you ever encounter the moment when, just after it’s too late to do anything about it, you realize you messed something up? It’s always nice to know that you can go back and correct an error when you find one.  In this article we are going to discuss on how to go about correcting an incorrect VIN that was accidentally reported over a Form 2290. Continue reading

Reporting a VIN Correction has been made Easy!

So you e-filed your HVUT 2290, but realize you made an error on your VIN, yet the IRS accepted it anyway. Don’t’ panic. The remedy is to file a VIN correction. By Filing a VIN correction, you’d only have to report the discrepancy of the previous tax return along with the required change on the alphanumeric charters of the Vehicle Identification Number. Continue reading

E-Renew your 2017-2018 Form 2290 as we merely got a week’s time until Deadline!

Time waits for none, it really matters how we efficiently utilize the time in getting our works done. The same saying applies when it comes to your HVUT Form 2290 deadline, The IRS let you e-filing your Form 2290 for the period beginning July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 since the beginning of July 2017. They gave you 90 days before you can e-renew your Form 2290, by far 55 days has passed by, hence we got very less time left behind to meet the deadline. Continue reading

Less than a week left behind until your Form 2290 Renewal. E-File Now!

The high time to File the Heavy Highway Vehicle Used Tax Returns is still going on; it’s now time to renew Form 2290 for the Period beginning July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 to get your vehicle registrations done at the DMV’ s office.  Aside from the fact that the Form 2290 is payable until the end of August 2017, you have to have your Form 2290 renewed as soon as possible to stay under the safe zone. Procrastinating at this tax deadline might cost your hard earned money by facing a late filing fee plus incurring interests from the Internal Revenue Service. Continue reading

Correcting VIN will never cost you anything here!


As per the great saying of Confucius, “If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake.” So there is no point in wasting time when you have an option to correct your mistake.

Though we stay very cautious while Filing our Heavy Highway vehicle Used taxes, we ought to commit few human errors at times. The worst of all would be committing mistakes over the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) which could bring in someone else truck into the picture, or a vehicle that has never existed; during your vehicle registration. You better wish you have a chance to prove your innocence & inadvertence; But the State DMV needs the correct vehicle information to issue your tags, licenses & etc. Continue reading