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IRS allows the truckers and truck taxpayers to report form 2290 amendments for their heavy vehicles or trucks when there is a change from their previously reported form 2290 HVUT returns. Truckers can file amendments under two categories as per IRS regulations: an increase in total gross weight and exceeded mileage limit. You must report for 2290 amendments if your weight category increases from one category to another. Also, you must file for amendments when your tax-suspended vehicle exceeds the mileage limit and becomes taxable.

Increase in total gross weight of your heavy vehicle

You must report form 2290 amendment under this section once form 2290 reported weight category shifts from one weight category into another category. If your heavy vehicle or truck’s total gross weight has increased, you must file a 2290 amendment in this category and get your revised form 2290 schedule 1 receipt. You will run into problems with state and federal authorities if you don’t have a proper schedule 1 copy of your heavy vehicle.

Exceeded mileage limit of your heavy vehicle

When a tax-suspended vehicle travels more than 5,000 miles (7500 miles for logging vehicles) on the public highways without the end of the ongoing tax period, the truckers must file for a form 2290 amendment under this category, pay the tax dues and get the revised schedule 1 receipt from the IRS. You can easily e-file form 2290 amendment under this category at, upload all proofs and get the schedule 1 copy directly to your email.

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