Third Party Designee In Form 2290

Hello truckers, welcome back to our TruckDues Blog. A new week is here, and so here is a new blog post for you all truckers to read and apply the information in your tax filing sessions.

Today we would talk about all about Third Party Designee and give you a clear picture about the same. We have been paying form 2290 every year for the vehicles weighting more than 55,000 pounds. Each time you file your form online, the application ask you if you would like to assign third party designee for your form 2290. Some skip, some do assign. It’s up to you but there are certain benefits you can enjoy if you assign a third party designee.

There would be many reasons for not assigning a designee for your tax discussion; however, today we will speak about the roles and recognitions of a Third Party Designee.

Purpose of Third Party Designee:

Well, if you want any of your employee or business head, a return preparer or any other third party who deals with your financial returns, can discuss with IRS about your form 2290. While filing form, check on “Yes” to authorize IRS to speak with the designee to answer the questions shot by IRS related to the information noted in form 2290. Also, you are authorizing the designee for:

  • Exchange of information concerning form 2290 with IRS,
  • Request and receive written tax return information related to form 2290, including copies of notices, correspondence, and account transcripts.

You need to mention the designee’s name, phone number and the five digits that person choose as his/her personal identification number (PIN). The authorization applies only to the tax return on, which it appears. However, the taxpayer is not authorizing the designee to bind the taxpayer to anything, that includes additional tax liability or otherwise represent the taxpayer before the IRS. the authorization expires in a year’s time from the date of authorization. If you wish to revoke the same, you can write to IRS. Check IRS official website for more information.

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