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Count Down Begins: E-file With TruckDues.com 2015-16

Each time you come across a new e-file service provider, the only question pops us in mind, why didn’t I realize I can e-file with this service provider? Well, we do not blame you for this, nor do we blame the search engines. We have no one to be blamed or to confide. However, since you have already discovered about TruckDues.com, it’s time to join hands with this authentic, IRS certified E-filing service provider for faster tax filing experience.

Before we move into the details of e-filing, we have an announcement to make. The long tax season is coming to an end by this month end i.e. 31st August 2015, which also means, the countdown for filing tax has began and with less time in hand, we request all the tax filers to come over and e-file their tax return with utmost ease and receive their schedule 1 copy in minutes.

So Who Needs To File Form 2290 2015-16 With TruckDues?

So if your vehicle weigh more than 55,000 pounds and is likely to cross 5,000 miles during the taxation year 2015-16, you’re required to file form 2290. However, if your vehicle does not cover the standardized weight and miles, your vehicle is counted as suspended vehicle. Now, that does not mean you don’t have to pay taxes to IRS. You are requested to file form 2290 before the due date and keep IRS informed about your suspension. There are other types of vehicle as well, that includes logging and exempted vehicles.

Logging vehicles are those, which are used in the forestry area to transport logs and other important material to the city using the highway. These vehicles are required to file form 2290; however, the tax paid by these vehicles is minimal compared to taxable vehicles.

What Happens If You Don’t File By The Due Date?


The total penalty for not filing by August 2014 will be 4.5% of the total tax due. This penalty is added up for 5 months.

For instance, if your total tax due is $250, then penalty will be $250X4.5%= $11.25

So total tax due with penalty will be $261.25


Apart from penalties, the IRS charges monthly interest for the total tax due which is 0.5 of the total tax due.

If you want to avoid penalties, you can e-file before the due date or you have to file with penalties and interest, which will cost you around 5% of the total tax due. It is advisable to file your tax return on time to stay away from IRS audits.

How Can You E-file With TruckDues.com?

Unlike every other service provider, we have a user-friendly application with features like Tax calculations and error check inbuilt app to solve the unhidden mystery of tax calculations and avoid rejections. Other than that, you can also subscribe for text alert and Fax copy for instant alerts. And the best part about e-filing with TruckDues is that, you really don’t have to bother your laptops or desktop, we have a customized version for any medium, allowing you to file with easiness and within minutes. Now, you can file on the go!

How Do I Get My Stamped Schedule 1?

Now that you know what it looks like, you may be wondering how you go about getting a Stamped Schedule 1. Well, there are two ways for you to receive your proof of filing:

The first way you can get your Stamped Schedule 1 is right after you file. When you file with TruckDues, we will automatically send it to you via email.

And the second method is, you can choose to receive your Stamped Schedule 1 by fax, and you can have it faxed to your carrier once IRS accepts your tax return.

E-filing for your HVUT is not only faster, but you essentially get your Stamped Schedule 1 in minutes unlike paper filing. And when you e-file with TruckDues all your information is secure, and the whole processes is easy, and fast!

If you need any help e-filing and getting your Stamped Schedule 1, our dedicated support agents are here for you! Just give them a call at (347) 515 – 2290 during our new extended business hours even at the weekends. Or you can even send them an email at support@taxexcise.com  for 24/hour support.