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Know what’s a 2290 amendment is!

Well! Mistakes are ought to be corrected

Have you made a mistake while filing your return and does it need to be corrected? Well there’s no need to worry about it, The IRS facilitates tax filers to correct the mistakes through 2290 amendment from.

Amendment is basically correcting or changing the returns previously filed 

The IRS supports amendment for the following scenarios

  1. Suspended vehicle exceeding mileage
  2. Increase in taxable gross weight
  3. VIN correction

Here at truckdues.com we support all these correction services through e-filing with minimal time and easy to go procedures.

Suspended vehicle exceeding mileage:

Was your vehicle reported as a suspended vehicle (i.e. vehicles mileage under 5000 miles or 7500 miles) and the vehicle has ran more than that? This is referred as suspended vehicle increase in mileage. This can be reported by logging on to our website and select the “suspended vehicle exceeding mileage” category, also you need to mention that when your vehicle exceeded the mileage from the previously filed return, our website would do the math automatically and display the tax amount to be paid.

Increase in taxable gross weight:

Have you increased your vehicle’s taxable gross weight (i.e. 55,000 lbs) after filing the previously filed return? If so, the vehicle would fall under a new category and additional taxes would be incurred accordingly. Now just login to our website and select the “increase in taxable gross weight” category. All you need to remember is the previously reported gross weight and first used month. Our website would do the math automatically for you.

VIN correction:

Have you entered the wrong VIN number of your vehicle? This should be corrected as soon as you receive the schedule 1 copy from the IRS from the previously files return and report the VIN correction. You will be able to change the VIN number through our website for free if you previous return was filed through us and you will receive the schedule 1 copy for the corrected VIN through email.

So, hurry up and do the necessary corrections need before it’s too late!