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The IRS HVUT Form 2290 Tax Refund and Credit Adjustments – Explained!

Hello there dear Truckers, as you know the HVUT Form 2290 is an annual tax paid to the Internal Revenue Service every year on a vehicle which comprises a minimum gross weight of 55000 lbs or more and if the same truck is been used over the public highways for commercial, agricultural & logging purposes. In recent times we see a lot of our customers come up with questions relating to Form 2290 claims and who are eligible for it. We hope this blog covers those questions.

Now there are few claims that are supported in accordance with the Form 2290.

  1. Taxes Overpaid Credits.
  2. Suspended Vehicle Exceeds Mileage.
  3. Low Mileage Vehicle Credits.

Claims against Tax overpayment:  When the taxes are paid for a respective vehicle more than once within the same tax year, then the excess paid amount can be claimed as a refund by filing the Claim Form 8849 Schedule 6, as a result, you will receive a refund check back from the IRS in 21 business days in your mailing address.

When the vehicle is Sold/Destroyed/Stolen:  When the taxes are paid full in advance on a respective vehicle and if the subjected vehicle is Sold/Destroyed/Stolen a partial refund can be claimed via the Form 8849 Schedule 6.

Low Mileage vehicle credit:  When the taxes are paid full in advance on a vehicle assuming it would go over 5000 miles or 7500 miles but if the truck remains under the mileage limit for exemption during the year, the IRS lets you claim a full refund by the following tax year.

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Did you know, Getting the 2290 Transferred from the Old to New is possible via Form 2290?

Hello there Truckers, most of you all would think how to transfer your 2290 from the old to new unit. Well here’s the answer, it’s simply done over a regular Form 2290. Generally when you e-file the Form 2290 you know that you always make the tax payment to the IRS full in advance.

So if you had sold a vehicle amidst a tax period for which you have made the tax payment full in advance. You may certainly claim a partial refund or an adjustment of tax credits to the replacement unit. If you had not bought any replacement unit versus the sold vehicle you may simply opt for a tax refund which is done by filing the Form 8849 Schedule 6 (Claim for refund of excise taxes). Upon a successful submission of your claim request, takes 21 business days before the IRS could mail you the refund check.

On the other hand, if you had purchased a replacement unit versus the sold vehicle, you may go ahead and claim a partial credit carryover towards the Pro-rated tax due amount of the new replacement unit. By this way, you would be able to nullify your tax due (In case of same month remains in common for both sold & newly acquired unit) & pay the difference in excess post adjustment (In case of same month does not remains in common for both sold & newly acquired unit).

However, the vehicle that was sold would never reflect over your copy of Schedule 1 as the IRS systems would only reflect taxable units and suspended/exempt units determined based on the desired mileage use of the vehicles. Whereas vehicles reported under credit sections would not show up on the actual stamped version of Schedule 1 although it does remain accountable for your credit adjustment in the backend.

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