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What you must do, when the application says “EIN already Exists”!

Hello there truckers, we hope this article reaches you with high spirits. We certainly realize that how hard it is for a Trucker to remember the Tax Deadlines amidst of his busy schedule as they work really hard 24/7 to serve our nation’s demand on time. If a Trucker is not been able to remember the tax deadline no wonder he could not remember which website he used/how did he e-file his past year’s filing.

For your kind information, there is nearly 30 websites who were been authorized by the IRS to support e-filing Form 2290. However, there are only few companies amongst the list which have proved their reliability & sustainability over the years, one among them is Truckdues.com.

Truckdues.com stepped into the 2290 E-filing service industry in 2014, we had a mediocre establishment among the Trucking community despite the huge competition from the mammoths in this line of industry & many widespread CPA firms. However, we stayed determined & focused as we went further despite crossing many hurdles with our Unique Significance as the Pricing $7.99.

We understand how hard it is for a trucker to make more money despite of their blood & sweat involved in their daily work, so we drafted this very honest pricing which indeed got us a great exposure among a large number of Independent Truck drivers who still have many enriching memories left behind using our services by far as we remain strictly adhered towards our motto that is “Our SALES may go up or down; but our SERVICE stays forever “

Now getting back on Track, when you encounter this message “EIN already exists” which means that you have already have used our website in the past years though you are unaware of that fact besides you try to register on our website all over again.

Now in this situation you just need to request for a new password/reset your account password from the website so you’d be able to gain access to your existing account and to gain access to your prior filings done via our services. This way will let you import most of the necessary information from your prior filings you so you don’t need to type in all the information one more time; thus this process remains time efficient.

Our Tax experts stay dedicated to assist you with your HVUT Form 2290 needs or working hours are from [Monday through Friday, 9 A.M to 5 P.MCentral Standard Time]. See you over the next article. Happy Trucking! Keep Moving America Forward!