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Where to e-file form 2290?

IRS made form 2290 e-filing mandatory for all truckers reporting form 2290 taxes for 25 heavy vehicles and more. They also encourage truckers like owner-operators with a single heavy vehicle to report form 2290 HVUT through the e-filing method because form 2290 e-filing is smooth, safe, accurate, and easy to process for the IRS. Therefore, truckers should prefer e-filing form 2290 online through an IRS-approved service provider. is an IRS-approved modernized form 2290 e-filing service provider proudly serving hundreds and thousands of truckers and trucking taxpayers to e-file form 2290 HVUT directly to the IRS. We provide a convenient online platform to prepare form 2290 tax returns and pay tax dues online. Once you successfully transmit your tax reports and payment, the IRS will process your returns and send your schedule 1 receipt to your registered email address.

IRS form 2290 tax record keeping

Truckers must report and pay the highway heavy vehicle use tax using IRS form 2290 every year to operate their heavy vehicles on public highways. Therefore, you must report your truck tax form 2290 to IRS at the beginning of the tax period. Generally, a tax period starts in July and ends next June. And August 31 every year is the last date to report form 2290 HVUT to the IRS. You should report your taxes using form 2290 by the end of August and get your IRS officially stamped schedule 1 receipt within the deadline. Else, the IRS will charge penalties, late fees, and interest over your tax dues. Also, the IRS will audit your truck taxes from time to time. You must have all your form 2290 HVUT records with you, or IRS will fine you for not having proper tax records. Therefore, 2290 tax record keeping is essential for all truckers during the time of IRS audits. Also, IRS instructs all truckers to have the records of all taxable heavy vehicles in their name for at least 3 years after the tax is paid. The records include taxable vehicle information, tax returns, and schedule 1 receipts.

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