Let Us Understand the Difference Between Tax-Suspended and Tax Exempted Trucks.

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Tax – Suspended Trucks 

If your heavy vehicle doesn’t fall under the taxable vehicle category, i.e., having a total gross weight of fewer than 55,000 pounds and estimated to travel less than 5,000 miles on public highways, it is a tax-suspended vehicle. You must report form 2290 truck taxes for these vehicles as tax-suspended vehicles and get the schedule 1 copy accordingly. But need not pay any taxes.

You can check the tax suspended vehicle box (or Category W) and enter the tax period and first used month of your vehicle while preparing your form 2290 tax reports on TruckDues.com. You can also attach proofs and documents that support your vehicle’s tax suspension status. Once you e-file form 2290 in our platform, IRS will process your tax returns and email you the schedule 1 copy.

Suppose your heavy vehicle crossed the tax suspension limit (crossing the total gross weight limit of 55,000 pounds and mileage of 5,000 miles for heavy commercial vehicles and 7500 miles for agriculture vehicles). In that case, you can file for form 2290 amendments in its respective category. You must estimate the tax dues from the vehicle’s first used month and pay them accordingly to get the revised schedule 1 copy. You can apply for form 2290 amendments easily on TruckDues.com.

Tax – Exempted Trucks

When you or your company operate a heavy highway vehicle for The Federal Government, the American Red Cross, Indian Tribal Governments (to carry out essential tribal government functions), or Mass Transportation Authority (under certain conditions), you need not pay any form 2290 truck taxes. You are completely exempted from reporting or paying form 2290 truck taxes to the IRS. However, you must consult the authorities and IRS to deem your heavy vehicle tax exempted.

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