Happy Halloween 2022 to all the truckers from TruckDues.com!

Hello, truckers! We want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Halloween 2022! Today is the last date to report and pay your 2290 truck taxes to the IRS for your heavy vehicles and trucks first used in September 2022. Therefore, don’t miss the deadline; e-file form 2290 at TruckDues.com and get the instant IRS stamped schedule 1 receipt today. TruckDues.com offers the best form 2290 HVUT online e-filing service solutions to e-file form 2290 to the IRS smoothly.

Pro-rated Form 2290 Taxes for September Used Heavy Vehicles

Generally, the standard tax period starts on the first of July and ends on June 30th of the following year. So, the truckers must file their tax reports every year on July 1st, and they should file their form 2290 tax returns along with the payment on or before August 31st every year. The truckers who purchase a new taxable heavy vehicle in the middle of the tax year or use their trucks apart from July should pay their form 2290 highway use tax on a partial period basis. The partial period or pro-rated form 2290 IRS truck tax is calculated based on the first used month of your heavy vehicle. The form 2290 tax amount was calculated from the first used month till June 30, 2022, which is the end of the running tax year. As you have been using your vehicle on public highways from September, you are liable to estimate and pay the form 2290 truck tax to the IRS from September to June.

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