Guide For Filing Credit Vehicles Through Truckdues.Com- Part-II

So truckers, how are you keeping this week. Christmas round the corner and we hope you are prepared for a feast with friends and family. We wish you all truckers’ out there, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Hope 2014 was good enough to you.

Last week, we had posted a blog on Guide for Filing Credit Vehicles Through Today, we are going to talk about the second half of the blog. We would cover the following topics:

Change of Business Name and/or EIN

  • If your truck remains the same, but you changed your business name, it is mandatory to file form 2290 and receive a new IRS stamped schedule 1 copy with the correct business name.
  • The above point is applicable even if you make the slightest change in your business name. Typically, this occurs when your business becomes a LLC or corporation, in which case you must update your name control so that it matches the EIN in the IRS database, and efile a new form 2290.
  • Also, be sure your vehicle’s title to match as the DMV will not consider your schedule 1 if it doesn’t match your title exactly.
  • If your EIN (Employee Identification Number) is altered, you must file another form 2290 and receive an updated schedule 1 copy.
  • With the above instances, you are liable to get some tax money you have already paid, like a refund. After efiling form 2290, you need to file form 8849 under the previous business name/ EIN to receive a prorated refund of the HVUT already paid.

Sold, Lost, or Destroyed Vehicle- without a Replacement

  • If your vehicle was sold, stolen, or destroyed during the current tax year, and you aren’t replacing it with a new vehicle, you must E-file Form 8849 to receive a prorated refund of the HVUT paid.
  • While E-filing Form 8849 with, will only take 5 minutes with us, it will take the IRS 4-6 weeks to process the request and mail you a check for the refund.

If you are still unclear about the refund and other process, reach our Tax Expertise for more assistance. Call them now at (347) 515 – 2290 or simply drop in a mail to We are here for you, for better back-end support.

And if you still don’t own a truck, our Tax Expertise can put in a good word for you with Santa. Yep, they have connections!