Form 2290 Pre-filing is Ending Soon: Act Before it’s Too Late!

Dear truckers! The world of trucking is always fast-paced, with tax deadlines and overwhelming responsibilities to adhere to all rules and regulations. We understand that your time is precious, and every moment spent dealing with your Form 2290 taxes is a moment not spent on the road. To save your precious time and help you focus more on your business than preparing your taxes, has introduced Form 2290 pre-file for the upcoming tax period, 2024-2025. Form 2290 pre-filing has been actively happening on our platform for the past month, and we will be closing it the day before the beginning of the new season. As the closing window is approaching in a few days, we want all truckers to use this early access chance to prepare and file your Form 2290 tax reports for the new season on our platform. With Form 2290 pre-file, you can streamline your Form 2290 HVUT obligations without worrying about delays and other actions.

Pre-file eliminates the deadline stress.

Form 2290 Pre-filing in gives you the much-needed head start to prepare your Form 2290 tax reports for the new tax season online and file them before the opening date. The last date to report Form 2290 for the new tax period is September 03, 2024, and the IRS will accept Form 2290 from the first week of July 2024. Therefore, you hardly have two months to prepare/ report your Form 2290 HVUT returns and get the Schedule 1 receipt. Form 2290 pre-file allows you to get ahead and report your truck taxes before the seasonal surge. You will get ample time to prepare and report Form 2290 for the new season thoroughly without the stress of the deadline.

Pre-file gets your tax reports priority processing.

You must remember that the IRS only accepts or processes Form 2290 for the new tax period only after the beginning of the season. will hold your pre-filed tax returns till then and transmit them the first thing the IRS opens for business. As they work on a first-come-first-served basis, your tax reports will be among the first set of returns to get processed by the IRS in the new tax season, 2024-2025. Once they are done with the processing, they will send your IRS digitally watermarked Schedule 1 receipt to your registered email immediately.

Pre-file helps you to avoid penalties.

The IRS is strict about deadlines. They will charge penalties, late fees, and interest on your tax dues if you miss the last date to report your taxes and fail to get the Schedule 1 receipt on time. Also, they do not give any extension to report your Form 2290 taxes. Therefore, you must prepare, report, and pay your taxes on or before the last date. Form 2290 pre-file gives you plenty of time to stay ahead of the deadline and report your 2290 taxes thoroughly. With Form 2290 pre-filing, you don’t have to wait till the beginning of the tax season to begin filing your tax reports. You can pre-file your tax reports way before the season starts and focus on your business. Once the IRS processes your tax returns, you will receive the Schedule 1 receipt as soon as possible. This process provides you with a stress-free tax filing experience.

So don’t wait anymore. Pre-file Form 2290 in and gain the advantages of pre-filing today! For assistance and queries on Pre-filing Form 2290 at, contact our customer support executives at 347 – 515 – 2290 (toll-free). They are available from 8 AM to 6 PM EST on all working days. You can also write to, and we will reply promptly.