Different Vehicles Pre Filed Through TruckDues.com

Form 2290 tax filing season comes every year during July-August, and it is mandatory by every heavy vehicle user, business operators and tycoons to file and report form 2290 online or through paper. As this form doesn’t apply for any extension of time to pay your dues or file, you are mandate to file and report form 2290 by the due date, or penalties would tag along the late filed return.

There are different kinds of vehicles filed through form 2290. One of the obvious types of vehicles are regular or heavy vehicles.

If your vehicle weigh more than 55,000 pounds and is likely to cross 5,000 miles in the taxation year, they are categorized as heavy vehicles. However, vehicles that do not cover the average miles i.e. drive less than 5,000 miles are counted as suspended vehicles. These vehicles should file form 2290, but do not have to pay anything to the IRS. Filing form 2290 is important as the information is passed to the IRS about their suspension.

There are other types of vehicle as well, that includes agricultural, logging and exempted vehicles.

When we talk about agricultural vehicles, these vehicles are more like suspended vehicles, allowed to drive up to 7,500 miles a year. If there is an increase in the mileage limit, you need to file form 2290 amendment return and pay for the increased miles on or before the second month of increase.

The next type is logging vehicles, which are frequently used in the forestry area to transport logs and other logging materials from forestry area to the city and vice versa. And during this transitions, usage of highway is possible. These vehicles are required to file form 2290; however, the tax paid by these vehicles is minimal.

After understanding the types of vehicles filed through form 2290, are you wondering how do you file your form 2290? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. You can pre file form 2290 online with TruckDues.com only at $7.99 only. And you can be sure, there are no hidden cost, or charges for pre filing and this offer is valid only on TruckDues.com till 30th of June 2015.

This offer seems to be a reliable option when you are aware of the busy schedule during the peak tax season. There are times when you tend to forget the due date and eventually you have to file form 2290 with a tag of penalties, which is not so inviting.

Yes, it is true that IRS does not accept form 2290 before July 1st 2015 and we all presume, it is a better option to file after the gateways are open. However, we won’t tell you that your thoughts are wrong, but you will not be able to save up on the efiling service fee you are paying at our end. And what is the issue, if you file now and you receive your schedule 1 copy by the first of July?

And if there is already something that’s eating you up, come over and reach our Tax Experts. For one to one support during business hours, (347) 515 – 2290, or email us at support@truckdues.com, and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way that we can. Happy Pre filing!