Celebrate Fourth Of July In A Traditional Way

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a federal holiday that celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of the Independence on July 4, 1776.  Very few people have to work on Independence Day like the truckers, as marks a day of family celebrations with picnics, barbecues and a lot of American flags, games and fireworks.

We here at TruckDues have come up with a list of traditions and things to do for 4th July! Enjoy 

Decorate And Hang The Flag

The waving flag holds the attention. You can hang the American flag from your house roof, window, car or your workstation. Decorate the rooms in your home or back yard with American colors. Show that independence matters to you!

Go To The Parade:

Support your nation by watching the local 4th of July parade happening in your city. Don’t forget to carry a spare sunscreen and bottles of water. It is usually very hot and sunny all over the States during the day.

Dress Up All-Patriotic:

People are so much into patriotism that they tend to wear the U.S. Flag design or colors- white, red and white. You can also paint the flag on your cheeks; wear a flag pin on your clothes or think of other creative ways to dress up! Show the way you love your country.

Barbecue ALL THE WAY!

This is the most comfortable idea on how to celebrate 4th of July. Many families are happy to invite friends and relatives home for a small barbeque party, celebrating togetherness on that day. Barbecues usually include hamburgers, hot dogs, and watermelons and of course, an American flag cake.

Get A Copy Of The Declaration Of Independence And Read It:

To get a better sense and understanding of what we fought for and why, this short read is one of the all time greatest documents worth reading!

Go See The Fireworks:

Most cities and towns provide some kind of firework show at night. Check out your city’s homepage for more information. And if you planning to pop your own, read the state regulations before you proceeding.

Efile form 2290:

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Now put your hat on, wave the flag and enjoy the festivities – Happy 4th of July from TruckDues team!