3 Days To Go For Filing Form 2290 By The Due Date

With unlimited numbers of spam taking place over the virtual world, security is the first thing we have in mind. And when TruckDues.com is offering a safe, secure and effective solution to e-file your tax return online, you should go the extra mile to keep your own information safe and secure.

Since there is hardly 24 hours left to e-file form 2290 tax return, paper filing is out of question. And with that e-filing comes in for your rescue. E-filing with TruckDues.com is safe, secure and the best deal in town with form 2290. And when you e-file with us, you will experience an overall difference with paper filing and realize how easy it can be when you are dealing with taxes online. You don’t have to bother with the tax calculations or the error check or even wait for days together to receive your schedule 1 copy. So come over and e-file your tax return online with TruckDues.com and feel the security touching its heights. Form 2290 is an application to file heavy vehicle used tax, for vehicles weighing more than 55,000 pounds and drive more than 5,000 miles.

So are you wondering the feature list that tags along with TruckDues.com

One Time Registration: The online filing business is no more beating behind the bush. E-filing is a trend now; every filer is opting for electronically filing, as it is more like a blessing than a bane. And the same thing implies when we have audience dropping by in large numbers for filing N number of trucks in one go. You can enjoy the advantage of online filing with one time registration. You can use the credentials each time you log in and report your tax any time during the year or even each tax season. And if you have missed placed your credentials, reach out for our experts and they can be of your help.

2290 Tax Meter: Each time you prepare your return online, key in the information asked by the application and the tax meter would do the calculation for you. Now you can E-file with confidence, knowing there won’t be any costly last minute surprises.

Smart Upload: If your account is newly registered, there’s a way to upload your business details and vehicles faster than ever! With our bulk upload, you can import .xls, .xlsx and .csv files with valid vehicle information directly into your account. Even if you manage hundreds or thousands of trucks, they can all be imported at once, just through one click. Having said that, e-filing stands as the fastest method to e-file and pay tax.

Word of Queries:

Our support team is truly one-of-a-kind. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our Tax Experts prove their real need by offering the support through phone, email, and chat right when you need it most. Most impressively, they do it all with a smile. So do not hesitate to ask them all you want to know!

Payment At Fingertips:

At TruckDues.com, you can enjoy paying for your dues to the IRS through important 3 methods. IRS do not accept credit cards anymore, you can pay your dues through Direct Debit (EFW), EFTPS through the government, or by check or money order. We believe in serving you the best, we are not done yet!

Instant Audit:

Once you are done with preparing your return, our application would scan for errors and notify if any errors found immediately.

Bundle Of Notifications:

We know you anticipate a quick respond from IRS with regards to your filing status, and we make it quicker for you through our notification systems. Whether you choose email, text, or fax (or all of the above!) you’ll know the second your return has been processed by the IRS, and we’ll automatically email you your stamped Schedule 1 too. If you elect fax notifications, we’ll fax your return to the number you wish to receive the faxed schedule 1 copy. Isn’t it as simple as ever? Well, it is. And we are proud service providers to serve you with the best.

So what is the deal on about? Are you e-filing today with TruckDues.com? well, if you are not, then you will be missing out the deals and features listed above and if you are wondering if you should stick to your decision, then we would suggest you to try it for free once and then take your vital decision.

If you need any help with the e-filing process, our dedicated support legends are here for you. All you have to do is give them a call at (347) 515 – 2290 or send them an email at support@taxexcise.com for 24/hour support.

And remember, Trucking Nation, you only have 3 days left to e-file your HVUT without penalties! So come over immediately and e-file without any hassle.