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The Form 2290 is NOW due for vehicles first used since August 2018.

Hello there truckers, we hope this article reaches you with high spirits. Over this article we would like to remind you that your HVUT Form 2290 is now due for vehicles first used since August 2018. The Federal law states that the Form 2290 must be filed on a vehicle by the last day of the month following the month of its first use. Continue reading

Deadline Alert: Just 48 hours Left before Renewing your Form 2290!

Truckers, we just got 48 hours left until renewing your Form 2290 for the period beginning          July 1st, 2018 through June 30th, 2019. All the last moment filers are online now to E-Renew     them Form 2290’s. In case you haven’t e-filed your Form 2290 yet, Log on to and e-file your      Form 2290’s ASAP and receive the IRS watermarked copy of schedule 1 in your e-mail instantly. Continue reading

Just 4 days left to Renew Form 2290 for 2018-2019!

Truckers, We only 4 days left behind e-filing your HVUT Form 2290 for the period beginning           July 1st, 2018 through June 30, 2019. Time is running super-fast and we merely got 72 hours before renewing the HVUT Form on time. During this time, a boatload of last moment filers will be boarding on our website to E-File their HVUT Form 2290 amongst other fellow tax payers.

Continue reading

Just a couple of weeks before you can Renew your Form 2290 for 2018-2019!

Hey there truckers, hope you are doing just fine. This article relates to the near term HVUT Form 2290 deadline which is due by 08/31/2018 for the Period beginning July 1st, 2018 through June 30th, 2019. Continue reading

Don’t panic when you’re truck exceeds exemption miles. Here’s what you need to do!

Hey there Truckers, in this article we are going to discuss what you need to do when your truck exceeds the exemption limits. Wanted to know more briefly, here it is… Generally Form 2290 is a Federal Tax Paid to the Internal Revenue Service (U.S. Department of Treasury) which is annually due. This tax is basically pro-rated and the taxes are paid up front. Continue reading

HVUT Form 2290 is due by Oct 31st for vehicles first used in Sep 2017.

Hey there truckers, this article is to indicate that we got a near term tax deadline by Oct 31, only for the Heavy Vehicles which are operational on the road since Sep 2017. Despite that fact that how many days the truck was operational throughout the month, the HVUT would be due by the last day of the following month. Since, Form 2290 is due on any vehicle by the last day of the month following the month of its first use. Continue reading

Renew your Form 2290 for 2017 – 2018 Today, its Due in a Fortnight!

We are half past August, yet we got merely 15 days left behind to E-file your Form 2290 for the Period beginning July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 since Form 2290 is generally due by June and its payable until the end of August, by E-filing sooner you’d be avoiding a last moment rush near the tax deadlines to get things straightened out. Hence, when it comes to your tax filings the sooner will be always the better. Continue reading

Celebrate Fourth Of July In A Traditional Way

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a federal holiday that celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of the Independence on July 4, 1776.  Very few people have to work on Independence Day like the truckers, as marks a day of family celebrations with picnics, barbecues and a lot of American flags, games and fireworks.

We here at TruckDues have come up with a list of traditions and things to do for 4th July! Enjoy  Continue reading

Agricultural Vehicles- Part II

So last week, we discussed Agricultural Vehicle part-I. Today, we are posting the second part of the blog, which includes:

How To Discover, If My Vehicle Qualifies As An Agricultural Vehicle?

Just to be sure, if your vehicle qualifies as “Agricultural vehicle” according to IRS standards, here are the requirements your vehicle should meet: Continue reading